Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “The Reason I Can’t Lose” Review


The Chunin Exams are so far off to a good start between the things we know will happen, and the things they have taken liberties to change-up for the anime. This is that point where things are getting good because these genin are taking their development seriously, with the exception of Boruto who really pales in comparison to some of these other competing genin. Nonetheless, this next chapter is one to look forward to when you do wonder when now is the time that we should expect familiar faces to drop out of the exam.

For the second round, it helped to see how some of those familiar faces got eliminated. For some of them it was a quick defeat, while others went down with a bit more fight in them. Team 15 stood out the most of course because all three of them you would have loved to see have success, even though you knew that their fate was already sealed. The time given into their fight was worthwhile for the intensity shown towards a simple game of capture the flag. If I’m being honest, it was still over and done pretty quick, but something more is better than completely the same. Aside from that, this all unralleved the same. It was only that moment at the end with Tenten that almost puts us on edge because of the consistent teases that maybe someone will figure out Boruto before that last fight in the third round.

As for Team 7, adding more dramatic effect worked in favor for this second round since this was the time where Boruto is finally forced to use the scientific ninja tool. Overall, this second round was another improvement over what we got before considering there was more time put into how our main characters either won or lost. That makes a big difference in engagement and showing that what happens here actually matters. This also includes how they all reacted to the results afterwards.

What didn’t get old when it came to Boruto’s training, was Sasuke showing him how disappointing that jutsu his dad is good at he can barely achieve to the same effect. There wasn’t much new to this, so you pretty much had to settle with the scolding.

I liked that we could finally see what this third guy of the Otsutsuki clan could do. He is a new addition which should make things a bit more difficult. Especially when it comes to his skill that is a step further from Momoshiki. Who they attacked as well was interesting since we could see how they are leaving no stone left unturned in the pursuit of the chakra from the tailed beasts. That aside,

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “The Reason I Can’t Lose” was a quick episode, though solid at the end of the day. There wasn’t too much to take from this one aside from a few key scenes. I would say that the next episode is the one to look forward to if anyone is anticipating the real action to begin. I can only hope they take their time instead of rushing to the finish like in the movie. That would be a great disappointment.

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