Boruto “Run, Sarada!” Review


We’ve definitely reached that point in the series where it is time to have an episode focused on Sarada. I was quite surprised that she wasn’t even seen in last week’s episode. Someone who is supposed to become important to Boruto hasn’t really had much of a role to play as of yet. Maybe they want more to explore from her down the line, but the clock is ticking when there is much to understand about what goes on in her home, what daily life is like being the daughter of Sakura, and the effect of Sasuke not being around.

From the start of the episode we take things straight from Sarada’s perspective. It would have been a shame if they tried to do her story with involvement from Boruto, so this at least shows that they are taking her story seriously. I mean I can see why they wouldn’t have focused too strongly on her at the start of the series. On the surface there’s not too much going on for her aside from what questions we seek about Sakura and Sasuke. That said, this task she took for Sakura leads her on her own kind of adventure. A different atmosphere than what shenanigans Boruto and company get themselves into, but she isn’t like most other kids as well. My only wish was that trying to get this doll she forgot would show more of what she is capable of. We know that she is the best with kunai and ninja stars, but there surely is more to what she got from her parents. I’ll give them credit for being able to show that she is also smart. Maybe not daring enough to think outside of the box like others, but smart enough to think on her feet.

The characterization of Sarada did make her appealing for standing out. Mitsuki comes with order and being mission driven, though when you get to Sarada there is this girl who is proper and by the book. It was from here that you could see more of that personality she carried in the movie start to blossom. Her dynamic with Cho-Cho made this so much more entertaining. Having someone so carefree and loyal like her made for a great contrast. Boruto and crew were around, but they didn’t share the same time together. It’s too easy to write a character like her in her own box when there were numerous times she was seen hanging around with other students.

There was only a little bit of Sakura seen here, but that little bit was appreciated. I guess I am glad they didn’t push to get too far into her feelings currently as sometimes it might take more than an episode to explore such emotions. With that said, the time she does spend together with Sarada is a treat. In comparison to Boruto’s family there is more cohesiveness since these two for the time being only have each other.

While the boys did have their part to play in this, they did assist in at least adding their own flavor to what goes on outside of the classroom. Its more than could ever been said for Naruto when little time was taken for the kids to get into these kind of situations.

Boruto “Run, Sarada!” was a quick episode, but I do hope this is the start to seeing her more whether leading an episode or at least just being there. The lack of Sarada has been a crime when we do see more of Cho-Cho helping out here and there. Don’t get me wrong, Cho-Cho is fun and pretty awesome in a pinch, though the same could probably be said for Sarada if given the spotlight more than she has up to this point.

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