Boruto “Sarada Uchiha” Review


About time if you ask me. Like I said last week, while I like the Uzumaki family there are others like the Uchiha who you take more interest in because there’s much more that you need explained about their situation. Its one thing for Sarada to have not seen him in so long, it is another thing for it to come to the point where the legitimacy comes into question. Its sad considering Sakura knew what she was getting herself into, but Sarada did not to have to go all this time without a father. So now is a great time to get inside her head about this.

A lot of shenanigans and what not go on in this village, but it’s about time we were able to see things from Sarada’s perspective. Sakura is just as busy as Naruto, but there’s an understanding from Sarada not to push for attention, so it made sense to show how other families interact to get an idea as to what she is lacking. Sad, but definitely what we need to see from her at this point. That conversation with Cho-cho couldn’t have come at a better time when she is forced to question why her family can’t be like others. Cho-cho is fun, but she is also the kind of person who won’t mince words with you when you need to come to terms with something. Though more important than this was Sarada addressing Sakura on the subject.

For Sakura it was tougher to watch the way she has been handling Sasuke gone for so long. It’s a different kind of tension than what we get from Naruto and Boruto. I’ve wondered why they would have never pushed this argument they had over Sasuke before, but now was as good a time as any to get into it. How it ended sucked, but it seemed like they really wanted to make the emphasis that Sakura does work very hard.

After so many episodes with Boruto, it is a good change focusing on someone who is a little more genuine. There is real character exploration from her compared to being tossed into the next bonehead adventure. My only dislike is the questioning of who Sarada’s real mother is. I’m sorry but we all know it is Sakura, it feels as though someone is trying to insult our intelligence by trying to create the twist that maybe it is Karin. Regardless, something to see to the end though they should make sure the result is worth dealing with it. I mean the end of each episode did make you think they were trying to tease it, though I didn’t want to believe it till they actually brought it up.

It was quite humorous to see everyone else in the village making themselves better while Boruto slacked off making trouble instead. In the movie we saw everyone pretty skilled at their personal skills, so starting now to work up to that point was better now than later.

Boruto “Sarada Uchiha” is one of the better character driven stories. The thing with Karin hurt the episode knowing it’s not true, but everything else is refreshing from what you get from the rest of the kids. This is an adventure worth following for answers we’ve been needing answers to since the start of this series. Some probably already know what comes next through the manga, but seeing is different from reading it.

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