Boruto Naruto Next Generations “Team 7: The First Mission!” Review


Now is the time for things to get official for Team 7 after letting go of the idea that they could request a change in teams. It was even better that we could get an idea of just how powerful he is from a proper origin. There’s much more now to anticipate as the team no doubt will get themselves into the same troubles that Naruto did when he was their age. No mission in this world is ever that simple or straightforward in a series like this.

At the start of this episode they wasted little time establishing the version of Boruto that we would now deal with moving forward. It wasn’t too shocking to see that he would let his confidence get the best of him despite what the exam was supposed to teach him about his attitude toward being a ninja. Now the tension between Sarada and Boruto came out of necessity at this point when she is not someone who entertains his behavior getting in her way. The only way for Boruto to grow is to stick him with someone who won’t encourage the way he thinks and the way he acts in the heat of the moment. There might be something for Sarada to take out of this team-up, though for now she serves best as someone who represents a proper drive and motivation.

I only feel that they could have matured Konohamaru a bit better over time. He shows experience and skill, though his leadership leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not as if he doesn’t make the right decisions, but when it comes to this team struggling to show cohesiveness, he doesn’t know how to take command of them falling in line. Someone like Kakashi at least had that intimidation to maintain order. It might be a bit early for that assessment, but this is their first mission and impressions matter then.

Naruto’s involvement was welcomed considering this would be that point where he show a stronger presence than he did before. Up to this pint it was nice when he would appear, though now it comes more as an expectation being the Hokage and his duty to oversee these missions.

The mission itself was as simple as it comes for their level, but still it was one of those where you had to anticipate there being more to it than what is explained or seen on the surface. There are some things that you expect to catch you off guard, but that much you will almost always know to be the case when they set out on these missions. Not a bad thing of course since lower rank missions can be the most passive. For me, anything would actually be better than the dreaded escort mission that I grew so tired of throughout the history of the Naruto movies alone. For this to be a mission that becomes more complicated, that means we are also working up to episodes where the story is not one and done. You look forward to the action, but you don’t want to lose out on the substance of a good story and plot.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations “Team 7: The First Mission!” is satisfying so far as the start of this team showing what they are made of. They still have a long way to go for how this mission has played out currently, but there’s no fun if there isn’t a challenge. I only hope that by the end of this mission they are also trying to make the statement that things can be different with a new set of ninja despite these missions being familiar territory.

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