Boruto “The Boy With the Sharingan” Review


While I was bothered by the identity crisis Sarada was going through questioning who her parents really were, I still like where this is taking us. Sarada is taking an active approach towards finding Sasuke and now is the time we do finally get to see some of Sasuke in action outside of what we saw from the movie. I haven’t read the manga, so there is a genuine anticipation to see what happens when they finally confront each other.

Until then, this is a plot that gets some wheels turning when you do want to know what is up with this boy who has a sharingan. Like they said, he either is a survivor of the Uchiha Clan or he is someone connected by some other means. From just the appearance alone some red flags to go off for the kind of people we do know who have that pale of skin. Not to mention the robe of one of these two reminds you of a certain group that has strong motivations for disliking someone like Sasuke. I was just glad that they didn’t lead us on to anything that could be so easily assumed right away.

How Sarada ties into this could be chalked up to convenience, though it was only a matter of time before she tangled herself up in whatever Sasuke is doing out on his secret missions. Meeting Naruto on this journey was an encounter worth waiting for when he is someone Sarada looks up to. The best thing to take out of this part of their journey was quickly squashing the idea that Sakura wasn’t her mom. Even now I still find that a dumb problem they tried to create even though we all know the truth. With that said, I enjoy finally seeing that moment where she would awaken her sharingan. I think just about everyone knew that her awakening happens as she finds Sasuke, so it was all a matter of anticipating when that time would come.

Cho-Cho may also come with the problem of a redundant drama created around not accepting who her parents are, but she still creates some entertainment. Everything about her is over the top and has a perspective of events which nobody else shares.

Seeing Naruto in action was a treat for this early stage of the series. Of course it wasn’t anywhere close to a full use of his powers, but enough to send the message that he is still someone to fear for his power. I think the dialogue he had here was the strongest it has ever been so far. That and the most words he has had to speak so far that had some real meaning to them.

There was only slight disappointment with how this episode went. Boruto “The Boy With the Sharingan” was the episode we waited for to see Sarada at last meet her dad. Though in a very cliche anime fashion they committed the worst crime by dragging on only to leave us with a cliffhanger. Nonetheless still a solid episode for some notable personal moments. This and of course the teasing of these mysterious two who possess the Sharingan and wearing the crest of the Uchiha clan.

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