Boruto “The Night of the Shooting Stars” Review


Graduation exams are right around the corner, and that means a big period of changes. Last week’s episode was a step in the right direction. This wasn’t a problem that dealt with someone’s personal life, it was the way they viewed themselves as a ninja on the field. Working on your jutsu is what we look forward to from these students right now when it will be more important than ever as they are paired with their three-man teams.

For Boruto himself, it was disappointing that this episode would be where he struggles understanding the importance of honing your skills and compatibility with others. Of course not too shocking with that said since in the movie we did see a Boruto who was trying to take the shortcut around doing anything real. Nonetheless it was engaging to see how far Boruto was willing to go in this moment to keep everyone together. You kind of have this feeling that it wouldn’t last, but at the same time what makes this new series great has been the interaction between the students and friends that Naruto/Naruto Shippuden didn’t offer. Even if some things about Boruto’s personality and character do bother me, I can admit that he has heart that you can’t overlook. When they approach him caring about those around him like this, he comes off as more favorable.

Sarada off the bat was a good contrast to Boruto as she always has one foot on reality about what it means to take your work seriously. Through her genuine concerns about moving forward to make these teams were brought up. The right questions were asked that someone needed to address verbally.

What the students do to create their big memorable moment was a nice gesture among them. The average viewer might look at an episode like this and call it filler, but for the character interactions and growth that is far from the case. These are the moments you soak in, because after graduation everything for the most part you will expect to be all action. Camping in my experience is one that you appreciate for what it is. Especially when you are leaving all your worries aside, and enjoying that time with people you call friends. It made a big difference to see how they could come together even when things weren’t going perfect and just take the company for what it is.

For the little bit of action we saw in this episode, I loved the way all of them found a way to show off their skills in a combined effort to catch something. It was mostly Class Rep who grabbed my attention the most since we now know that her power wasn’t fully cut off after her situation back then.

If Boruto “The Night of the Shooting Stars” is the last episode with these characters together before the graduation exams, it was an episode worth taking to put them all in one place one last time. Hopefully moving forward no one will be left behind because they continue to prove to us that they are willing to shine a light on what everyone has to offer. I mean it’s not like they aren’t going to have to put a focus on how these teams are going to be formed anyways.

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