Boruto “The Parent Teacher Conference!” Review


With each passing episode we reach closer to the end of these students and their normal academy life. The classroom experience has been memorable and continues to push the boundaries in what this new generation can enjoy that those before them could not during a time of violence and war. Last week’s episode was a good cementing of how these student will move forward as friends, though this week I guess it is time for something more direct about their futures.

Parent teacher conferences seem like the best way to move forward if you ask me. When they revamped the academy, their idea was to give these students a more serious education. That means disciplining them mentally as much or if not more than physically. Of course you would still consider parent teacher conferences a bit odd for a ninja academy. Parent involvement you usually see when the students are at home rather than in the classroom, though this is a strong emphasis on progress. Not to mention that this shows that they are at least serious about making sure that our favorite grown-up characters from the past generation are still relevant in the current world.

For Boruto’s conference, I was surprised that it was Hinata that sat with him. I was surprised, though at the same time glad that it was her. We may not see Hinata in action much anymore, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t also have a presence around Boruto. Especially since this is till the time that he is at odds with Naruto. A meeting probably wouldn’t have happened at all if it were those two. They’d probably fight with each other over something else entirely.

Asking Boruto what his future is as a ninja didn’t come as too much of a shock. Again we are at that point for him where he hasn’t figured himself out. Still looking for the easy way to coast through life without any real direction. Acts of rebellion do nothing for him personally when every choice of his is in defiance of someone else who should hold so much bearing on his future like he gives.

It was a good contrast to see where the other student’s heads were at in contrast to Boruto. They are for the most part understand how the world works for a shinobi when Boruto is still steps behind just because he wants to follow a different path than his dad. The approach they took to addressing what everyone plans to do with themselves was fun and straight to the point. They got some familiar faces in that scene, as well as some others who you probably would have wondered where they disappeared to later on. It was a good time to also make the point that the academy is only a stepping stone for some of them to take on different roles in the village as well. Not everyone from the start went in to become a shinobi.

The biggest message they could send through this episode was that in this period of peace, becoming a shinobi isn’t everything. Maybe to some, but the world isn’t in dire need of everyone becoming a fighter. When you think of moving forward in time, you would consider the application of ninjutsu in real world situations.

Boruto “The Parent Teacher Conference!” was engaging and full of the right amount of sentiment towards finding your direction in life. What really got me was seeing this character Boruto interacted with throughout the episode. Not the first time we’ve seen this character and those who watched Naruto probably figured out what was going on long before those who are new. It is a delight when they decide to treat those who have been there and seen that to point out something familiar.

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