Boruto “The Path That Boruto Can See” Review


Only the kind of situation someone like Boruto could get himself into trying to play the hero. It was quite shocking to see that Sumire was actually the one behind this troublesome shadow hurting the village. The last person you would have assumed even though your need to figure out her personal life was great. A good twist nonetheless because this challenges what both Boruto and Mitsuki are willing to do for the village. Not to mention Sai for the sake of those who had past ties to the Foundation.

I’m glad that at the start of this episode they could detail exactly what we are dealing with when they talk about Nue. Definitely not something we’ve come across before, so it only hurt when thy are all reacting and we don’t know exactly why we should be worried aside from what we already know.

Boruto and Mitsuki continue to struggle finding themselves on the same page which has been a solid development. Mitsuki has done more than enough following and researching to know what it is he sees in Boruto. He sees a lot of things that people like, and more so that comes into question about his character in critical moments like these. Mitsuki is the opposite of the same coin where he is professional and by the book about the way he goes about things. I do find myself more drawn to a character like him who can see through the bs to make the smart choice. That one character you need in an anime to draw that line between logic and too much emotion. With that said, this was one of the few times where you couldn’t exactly disagree with Boruto’s emotions in spite of how ridiculous he sounded.

For Sumire, despite being revealed as the villain behind everything, I found more admiration for her after this episode than I ever did before. It takes some skill to hold up a charade as long as she did, and it takes some bravery to go to such lengths in the name of those she lost. Maybe not going about it in the right way, but surely enough there was something more genuine to her stubbornness than Boruto’s.

Boruto in action I do have to admit is satisfying. He has a reckless style to him, but it also makes him more aggressive when it matters most. Having limited clones as well may have been one of the best flaws of Boruto since this forces him to get a little more creative than most to pull off a combo to catch someone off guard with agility. Now Boruto was only a treat until we got to seeing more of what both Mitsuki and Sumire formidable. They both steal the spotlight the minute they clash and rightfully so when you can see the obvious training they went through and have to show for.


This episode brings an end to the first chapter in Naruto Generations. Boruto “The Path That Boruto Can See” had action, it had character, and it was entertaining from start to finish when this encounter solidified the kind of ninja Boruto tries to be. That as well as giving true character to both Mitsuki and Sumire who are more than what they appear on the surface. At this point I do have to say shame on anyone who thought they couldn’t continue this franchise with new and fresh stories. They have proved now that you can satisfy a new generation and cater to the old at the same time.

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