Boruto “The Quest for Souvenirs” Review


I must say I’m pretty glad that the last story arc came and went. Not entirely my favorite so far for how events unfolded in the Hidden Mist village. They had us through the exploration of how a place like that could flourish through evolving with the times, but they took steps back through the poor character development that came with this new character in Kagura. After a story arc like that, it does make sense that they would probably slam the breaks the following week before picking up with the next arc.

As much as Boruto did disappoint me recently, this is another episode where you would expect the spotlight to be placed back on him. I think the only problem you can have with Boruto is when he falls into the cliche of what Naruto was like when he was that same age. Being a part of a new generation you do expect that some things will be falling to similar habits because father like son, but you still do hope that Boruto can become his own person. That much right now you do get out of Boruto’s connection with his family. An experience that we never got with Naruto and struggle to now that he is Hokage. When Boruto is dealing with family matters, we are able to connect with him on a different level, to the point where he is likable as long as he doesn’t start shouting.

The shenanigans are what you look forward to here and it was fun for the fact that this quest for a souvenir to give to Himawari led Boruto all over the village. Better yet, it led Boruto to interact with mush of his friends who we didn’t see too much of because of when that revolution erupted in the Hidden Mist village. Being around his friends keeps Boruto on level and from getting into his bothersome habits. They recognize it, they call him out on it, but at the same time they also add to the appeal of having friends who are quick to help you out of a jam.

What had to b done in order to acquire that gift was a good callback to another adventure we took with another pair of characters. Exploration matters and solidifying places as points of interest is a step in the right direction. Hopefully opening the doors to seeing other places we wouldn’t normally touch.

Even after departing from the Hidden Mist village, it was good to at least have that short closure of events. We know how they plan to move forward from that incident, what actions must be taken for the sake of preserving peace, and what really set those wheels in motion for someone to be bold enough to strike a revolution. I do hope that if we see Kaguya again, he is a different person from whatever mess of a person this was that they dropped on our laps.

Boruto “The Quest for Souvenirs” is to some extent filler, yet after everything that had happened up to this point it makes sense that Boruto would have forgotten to pick up the souvenir he promised he would bring back with him. This episode was all about tying up all those loose ends that would keep us from properly moving forward with the story. Back in Konoha we can now focus on more pressing things, and situations where this cast as a whole continues to grow and develop.

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