Boruto “The Super Beast Scroll Slump” Review


Moving on from last week’s episode wrapping up the field trip arc, now we move onto development within the Konoha village. More importantly, development of other characters outside of the core group of Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. A step in the right direction when there are still some characters to fully establish in terms of ability and connection to the generation before. They’re all only going to be in the academy for so long before it is time to split the students up.

Taking an episode to focus on a character like Inojin is an interesting choice. For as much as we have seen of Sai and Ino in the Naruto series, there was still so much of their world to still explore. Especially when it comes to the way that they use their ninjutsu. Sai’ in particular considering how much patience and effort goes into creating his drawings on the spot. There’s not another ninja out there like him (alive currently) who goes through the same process of art and creation. It’s good that now we have a full understanding of what must be done to pull of the super beast scroll jutsu. With that said, it was good to know that aside from drawing beasts, creatures or monsters, Inoji can really draw. That much you are assured of that makes him an impressive artist. Though that wasn’t main focus here rather than him figuring out what is more important than quality or convenience. Who actually manages to help him and push him to that point of revelation was worth the build-up.

It also goes without saying that Inoji compared to the other students has a personality we need a full grasp of. Is he just someone with a frustrating personality for being a dick, or is he someone like Sai who simply doesn’t get basic emotions like he should. It’s not hard to imagine that he picked up certain bad habits that would give him a similar state of mind. For Sai, I enjoyed seeing how much he has matured over time. He can still be vague about certain things, but he has grown enough that he knows the right thing to say and how to generate the right reaction/response. It was through this episode as well that you could see how integral he is to what goes on in the village currently. Not only as someone working for the police force, but as someone who people can turn to for professional advice and teachings.

Overall I like the approach here because this is one for the few times where they are really trying to address the problems of this newer generation. You have some who struggle adjusting to a period of peace, some who can’t seem to accept the traditional way of doing things, and others who are always trying to look for the easy way of accomplishing tasks.

What actually caught my attention here was the action sequence seeing Iwabe, Denki, and Metal fighting together. You wouldn’t see this as such a formidable team on the surface, but they have a dynamic that you want to see more of own the road. I was actually surprised that they didn’t show this team together in the movie. Unless that was something they brushed past to get into now.

My only disappointment here is that we didn’t see too much of Ino present. This does have more to do with Inojin struggling to do his super beast scroll properly, but that isn’t the only technique he picked up from his parents either. With that said, they did make things up when it came to Ino knowing exactly what to say to Inoji in contrast to Sai trying to vaguely show him what he was doing wrong.

Boruto “The Super Beast Scroll Slump” overall was a solid episode for a different character than those we are more used to seeing. While a character driven episode, this was also an episode to take in for how it is making a point that soon we will be moving on from standard academy teachings to three-man team action.

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