Box Office Results: Weekend of August 17, 2013


The Butler Serves Up, Kick Ass Falls Short

& Jobs is Jobless


Results By: By Brian Finney of 3TR 


 It seems like Oprah Winfrey’s first performance in 15 years may have helped Lee Daniels: The Butler Claim the No.1 Spot this weekend. Surveys done on several online tickets sales websites claim that her Involvement increased their interest to go see the film.

We’re The Millers held on to its No.2 spot with $17.7 million, while unfortunately Blomkamp’s newest Sci-fi epic dropped to the No. 3 spot with $13.6 Million. The sequel to 2010s “Kick Ass” seems to have underperformed coming in the No.4 spot with $13.56 Million. This falls short of the first installment which opened with $19.8 million.

Disney’s newest animated installment “Planes” seems to have lost some altitude dropping to the No. 5 spot with $8.2 Million. Sadly it seems like Aston Kutcher’s take in the Biopic about the late Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs opened in the No.7 spot with $6.5 Million. Not only taking a bashing by movie critics, but a serious bashing from movie audiences.

As for the film Paranoia it appears to be on the winning track for this year’s Razzie Awards. It was the loser of the weekend with both critics and fans alike it only made a measly $3.6 Million for the entire weekend.      


1. Lee Daniels: The Butler                                          $24.3 Mil
2. We’re The Millers                                                    $17.7 Mil
3. Elysium                                                                      $13.6 Mil
4. Kick Ass 2                                                                 $13.56 Mil
5. Planes                                                                       $8.2 Mil
7. Jobs                                                                          $6.5 Mil
12. Paranoia                                                                 $3.6Mil


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