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Brooklyn Nine Nine “Chocolate Milk” jumps straight into the detectives doing what they do best, with little shenanigans tossed in along the way. All starting with Holt who is taken by surprise when his longtime nemesis, Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch arrives for an inspection of his precinct. Something which might enjoy for the fact that they take their jobs that seriously. Anyone who can give Holt that kind of challenge is worth introducing. Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch(Kyra Sedgwick) brought an attitude to the episode that put everyone in a position where they had to care about how they did their jobs. Despite this being a comedy, you do need characters like her who will create conflict, and the best way is to have that person who is a higher up.

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It was not only a moment of interest for Holt, but one for Santiago as well when the situation gives her the opportunity to once again show her need to be a perfectionist. When a failure for Holt means a failure for her, it is enjoyable to see the lengths she will go in order to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Now what you might find most entertaining in this episode is Jake and Terry together on another case again. One which like the last takes a turn for the worst leaving one in an uncomfortable situation. It was very funny that the cause was chocolate milk. So throughout this episode Jake and Terry have to test the boundaries of “work friends” vs. “friend friends” as they investigate a stabbing at a hipster chocolate milk bar. This is one of those times where you really like Jake because when you tell Jake not to do something, he still makes the attempt with more determination. Even if it is telling you what is best for your body. A quality in his character that should be taken advantage of when some of the others have some social flaw or take their job too seriously.

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While this episode does juggle different stories at once, you are able to overlook this when all three manage to make you laugh in some sort of way. Boyle and Gina’s secret couple of nights of accidental sex was something you might have considered they would toss aside after that first episode, but surprisingly they have stuck to it. While you question where that can go, Boyle does manage to still capture your attention with his ridiculousness. It works for him and when pointed in the right direction he can be the difference between something that falls flat and something that makes you laugh because of the absurdity in his actions.

Brooklyn Nine Nine “Chocolate Milk” overall is a solid episode. Not as humorous as the first episode, but as I said before it’s good that there isn’t a constant aim to be that funny without losing that balance needed to connect with the cast. A cast which they have been doing well in making knowing without the feeling of them being forced in.

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Not as humorous as the first episode, but finds a balance in tone.

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