Brooklyn Nine Nine “Jake and Sophia” Review


Hitting off with another fairly humorous start that we can always expect from Brooklyn Nine Nine, this episode aims more to do something different with our characters now that there has been some shifts in direction from the start of the new season.

Jake moving past his feelings for Santiago was probably for the best for the fact that they never came off as that compatible aside from their drive in the workplace. Outside of that there was never much in common with them. It only came off cute between them when showing any sign of affection for the other was them letting their guard down or showing that they can be vulnerable. Jake hits it off with Sophia, the woman whom he meets at a bar and she came off as a more compatible partner as a person. Though in the case of finding out Sophia is the defense attorney for a perp he is trying to put in jail, they just didn’t stand a chance. A situation which brings out the best in Jake and Sophia when both want to win. Eva Longoria is another name to add to the number of stars who have made a notable appearance in Brooklyn Nine Nine and manage to make the show that much more entertaining by shaking things up for characters who need that change in direction. This relationship works the same way as Holt meeting his match with Wunch.

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What makes this episode stand out from some of the rest is the fact that we are seeing a bit more from those other characters who don’t get that much screen time. In this case that person being Scully. He’s that one character you like compared to others because in a precinct full of detectives who tend to come off unprofessional, he tends to be on his very own level. Enough so that Santiago and Diaz are forced to take some measures against him when running for head of the Union again. You know it’s that important when Diaz gets involved. She makes those stories exciting because er reactions and attitude are that intense towards whoever has got her riled up.

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Gina and Charles work to put their relationship behind them still is that part of the show that you struggle to find yourself that drawn to though you still appreciate the consistent progress made between them to figure out where they stand. With that said you still find humor where they aren’t very compatible either as a couple.

Brooklyn Nine Nine “Jake and Sophia” is a fun episode and a step up from previous episodes when you feel that there is something legitimate going on with the characters you like.

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Eva Longoria is a great addition to the new characters this season and you definitely want to see more of her and Jake.

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