Brooklyn Nine Nine “The Jimmy Jab Games” Review


More shenanigans with the detective team as Jake hosts the Jimmy Jab Games while the precinct is busy awaiting for the Serbian president’s motorcade. An episode which gives us the best of both worlds when dealing with the fun the detectives have when on the job, and the humor in how far Holt and Terry go to get what they want when dealing with the higher-ups.

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A fairly humorous way to show off the ridiculous ways of the detectives when they are doing everything except being professional. Everything they had to do was completely over the top and leaves you wondering where they come up with the ideas for each rounds. It completely takes advantage of what makes them stand out usually. With that said you are left wondering just how they get away with half of what they do. Holt doesn’t need to be there, though you do kind of feel like someone would have to walk in on them when someone of importance is expected to visit. However you do overlook this because that’s just what you do with a show like Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Boyle and Gina’s thing continues to be a problem for them as they try to keep it a secret. It is surprising that this is still ongoing because when you have the Jimmy Jab Games and Terry and Holt head up a drug task force, it’s pretty much the weaker story in the episode. The big problem is that you found it funny initially that they would sleep with each other, but it has been losing steam as they try to take it seriously. It plays on Boyle’s bad luck though the approach could have been better.

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Terry and Holt together is a duo you do want to see more of when they actually take their job seriously. This vendetta between Holt and Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch is one that catches you off guard when none of us were that sure that we’d see her play that much of a role in this season. Definitely someone necessary to create that balance when we have such episodes like this where the detectives get too playful.

Brooklyn Nine Nine “The Jimmy Jab Games” is an episode that gives us some progression, yet also entertainment in a way unique to Brooklyn Nine Nine. In particular the progression is appreciated when it comes to Jake and Santiago because it’s something you want to happen though it will obviously be teased for a while.  Another solid episode overall, though they have to do something with this storyline between Boyle and Gina considering it’s not as funny as you might want it to be.

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An episode that gives us some progression, yet also entertainment in a way unique to Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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