Brooklyn Nine Nine “Lockdown” Review


What can go wrong when he precinct goes into lockdown mode on Thanksgiving night, and Jake is left in charge? A lot. Brooklyn Nine Nine “Lockdown” when the show feels like it isn’t trying that hard to tell a story rather than to make you laugh. This episode was just asking for all the ridiculousness that you expect from a show like Brooklyn Nine Nine. Luckily what could have ended up being another bottle episode like other comedy shows seem to take advantage of, Brooklyn Nine Nine “Lockdown” remains unique to this very show.

Jake takes te spotlight easily for the incompetence he flawlessly shows in any situation when he is put into a position of authority. After this potentially noxious agent is released leaving Jake, Amy, Rosa, and all the others trapped together during the usually festive holiday you just take joy in the anticipation of things spiraling out into chaos. That is the eventuality of this episode which makes it predictable, though the execution is what saves it from falling prey to such a plot.

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It certainly was interesting to see Jeff Lewis in this episode. Staying true to the type of characters he is used to playing as a lawyer who becomes quite the handful. Being that voice who challenges Jake, the precinct and everything that comes with Jake not taking things seriously. Getting past the silliness, this was a solid episode for Jake in which he has to stop trying to please everyone. The defining moment for Jake when he has always wanted the position he has been placed in. The only little bit of character development throughout though you take it because a character like Jake needs to have even the slightest bit of direction so that it doesn’t seem like he’s being jerked around for something unpredictable to throw at us. Certainly was a notable time for Amy as well when we don’t see her clawing for attention(aside from that opening bit).

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With this episode we continue what should basically be called our adventures of Holt and Terry. Things get pretty over the top when these two are together and it is funny just because they have strong reactions to things that are fairly simple to handle. Terry’s brother is back and for once we get to see more of their interactions. Their part was a bit more personal which you appreciate since when these two are together one has the tendency to try to fix something about the other. In this case being how Terry handles being picked on b his brother-in-law despite being a big guy himself.

Brooklyn Nine Nine “Lockdown” comes at a good time as we near Thanksgiving to put everyone(almost everyone) in the same place for shenanigans you can only get in Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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Entertaining episode that proves how Brooklyn Nine Nine has that ability to catch you off guard on a slightly predictable plot.

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