Brooklyn Nine Nine “The Mole” Review


A new exciting episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine when Capt. Holt and Jake have to try to find a mole in their precinct before Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch hears about it.Just one of few episodes that has made Captain Holt a much more fun character when trying to save his own back and reputation. The inclusion of Wuntch also adding to this when these two are that intense when in the same room. It pushes a duo like Capt. Holt and Jake to challenge their own trust in each other when the pressure is on them to figure it out and not knowing enough about the rest to say who and who isn’t suspicious.

How the situation wraps up makes everything that happened in-between something you can possibly overlook just because Gina feels like she can be redeemable as an individual.

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Now this episode is much appreciated when what is going on between Gina and Boyle finally comes to light. This was the weaker part of the show this season so far and it was for the best that something happened in that area. Even better that Jake and Santiago both find out when their reactions are more memorable when faced with such a discovery. Now from here things can actually pick up where they actually deal with what they have going between each other. They aren’t quite compatible, but the fact that they can’t handle the physical connection makes this humorous.

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Terry and Diaz was something different and yet interesting when visit a “silent” disco to look for leads for their drug task force which we haven’t seen much of in terms of them taking action till now. Not too much happens in this area which is a bit disappointing, though you do find it entertaining when Terry doesn’t take things as seriously as Diaz and can be distracted so easily.

Brooklyn Nine Nine “The Mole” is a solid episode for the shake-up in dynamic between the characters and some of their actions when their backs are against the wall. Now as stated before this season has a lot going on and that seems like it can be a problem down the road when some things can be hit and miss while other parts feeling like they are rushed just to wrap things up and move on to the next story.

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Bottom Line

Solid episode that shakes up the dynamics and makes use of some fun opportunities.

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