Brooklyn Nine-Nine “The Funeral” Review


The season 3 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine came with big change for the series. All starting with Holt moving to the PR Dept. to the Nine-Nine group dealing with two changes of captains. The second being the biggest twist we have been hit with in the entirety of the series. Not to mention the relationship between Jake and Amy that because of all this is on the verge of being no more.

Detective Warren Pembroke aka The Vulture makes for a great new captain. The one guy they dislike as much as he dislikes them and now they have to take orders for him. Forcing Jake to break up with Amy is as low as things can get for the guy, but that is pretty much what to expect from him in charge. While the now deceased captain they had before was OCD about efficiency, The Vulture brings to the table having that position to finally get back at them without the risk of them retaliating. Dean Winters is awesome for the fact that he plays being a dick so well. Who knows how long he will be their captain, though someone needed to be able to challenge them and their shenanigans in a way that neither Holt or Dozerman.

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Jake and Amy’s attempts are hilarious only because these two are desperate to crush The Vulture. It blows up in their face, yet you know that he won’t give up, and doesn’t give up.

Gina and Holt coming back to the Nine-Nine even just for a day is better than the two being separated altogether. The exchange between Holt and The Vulture was something worth watching considering The Vulture is someone who stings with his words and Holt doesn’t process emotions like most others. That is to say till he allows everything he has been through to sink in. One of those rare moments you appreciate since it takes an effort to break Holt like he has been recently. Especially when he finally gave his eulogy. With that said, how he turns things around was a little sudden. With so much going on at the same time, some of these stories did come off a bit rushed in order to fit it all.

Boyle falling for a new love interest is always a joy. Time after time he has gone through the same patterns where he ruins the relationship himself by getting too attached, or moves too fast and tries to propose. Either way this time around he’s aiming for sex that could go any way possible. Gina and Rosa’s interference in his relationship was the best way to question his state of mind. The mess with him every opportunity they get and how effortless they worked him was laughable. But how this part concluded did balance out with seriousness from the two as they confronted Boyle on what he needs to do for himself.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine “The Funeral” gets back to more of the shenanigans anticipated from the show as they all do what they do best despite needing to be professional for the funeral.

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More shenanigans as the Nine-Nine do their usual thing when needing to be professional.

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