Brooklyn Nine Nine “Undercover” Review


It’s been a long wait, but now we’ve had our season 2 premiere of Brooklyn Nine Nine “Undercover”, which starts us off with a bang as Jake returns to the precinct after going undercover to infiltrate the mafia. Now I will say that while it was fun to see what went down to bring Jake back to the precinct, you do wish a bit more time was seen with Jake being undercover. Sure the time skip allows for more progression without getting into every detail of his experience, but it makes everything before then sorta feel anti-climactic. Even if for a comedy.

brooklyn-nine-nine-season-2-andre-braugher-2-600x420With that said, you might also enjoy that his time undercover was sped through considering the best parts of Brooklyn Nine Nine comes from what goes on within the precinct and the rest of the team. It was interesting enough that the minute he steps into the office the jokes start and with the same level of humor because of the ridiculous nature of the other detectives. This premiere doesn’t fail to remind you that you love them for their personalities, despite it making them come off as unprofessional or unconventional in their methods. Especially when it comes to the team of Jake and Boyle trying to tie up the undercover case that they thought they finished. Those two always work well together even though Boyle can sometimes be overbearing with his attachment to anyone he likes. In fact that much you probably enjoy most when it comes to Boyle in this episode. He shows not only that he has that dynamic with Jake, but he can maintain one with others as well that goes beyond them making fun of his habits.

With everything that happened in this episode, and there usually is a lot, it was good to see that things that left us with questions from the previous season were addressed in this episode. Jake confronted Santiago about his feelings towards her, and Gina having her over-the-top dramatics over sleeping with Boyle by accident while also knowing he always confides in Jake about everything. Those to things that could easily have been dropped along the way continue to have relevance and become something more than just simple plot devices to make you feel that the show can be serious.

Which brings me to the tone of the episode. There was a good balance between the usual humor while still keeping that one foot on the ground when it comes to the detectives getting the job done. That’s always the biggest struggle, though with this cast you more than likely look for a laugh when it comes off naturally for them as individuals.

This was a solid start for the second season of Brooklyn Nine Nine. While the undercover bit was necessary, you’d find yourself happy that everyone is together again in one place where the show can have a focused direction. We have much to look forward to and when you can still be thrown off guard like that end to the episode, you know that you want to tune in for more.

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You watch it and you can't help but laugh from start to finish. Brooklyn Nine Nine continues to bring the laughs.

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