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Brooklyn Nine Nine “USPIS”is an interesting episode when we get to explore more of what goes on in their world. They’ve had their thing with other departments, the FBI, Firefighters, and now the U.S. Postal Service. Only good things can be expected from an episode like this. This episode kicks off with one of the more humorous opening scenes as they try to aim for something a bit more different by using Scully as a means to get a laugh. Something we don’t get very often, but you always have to admit that in small doses anything involving this guy will entertain.

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The task force investigation has been a storyline in this season that has been a slow burn to this episode. Better now than never that it is made something more relevant compared to the other shenanigans thus far. While you could easily call throwing in the USPIS random, surprisingly they worked this into the plot very well. It does make sense that when looking for a drug dealer that at some point they would have to join forces with the USPIS eventually to investigate means of travel. Jack Danger (guest star Helms) is kind of hit and miss character. He can be funny, but his character is nothing new that you’ve seen from the guy in any other role outside of this guest appearance. Not bad, though of those who have appeared so far? Jack Danger is the least memorable of the bunch. What saves his act is of course the tag team of Boyle and Jake as they are more in your face about how they want to handle finding the drug dealer.

With that said, Diaz is that one character you appreciate most because she comes off as the most professional about her job. It is weird that Terry isn’t working with Diaz as it seemed they were a team before, though her working alone adds to her intensity when she wants things to go her way and right.

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Amy dealing with her smoking addiction is just one of various moments in this season in which she has shown herself to be both vulnerable and not the perfect detective she aims to be. She certainly has become that character you get the most development from when there’s a balance of seriousness and ridiculousness with her. Many things Santiago has problems with and this is one that really challenges her in a way that failure is all she has to look forward to.

Brooklyn Nine Nine “USPIS” is hit and miss in general though entertaining in the end. Sad to say, but hopefully that is the last of the detectives working with the USPIS for a long while.

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Fun for the character moments, though that's about it.

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