Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Series Premiere Review


***Caution For Spoilers***

If anyone were to ask me, my favorite superhero duo of all time would be Cloak & Dagger. Not your average superhero story, and not your average superpowered duo either. My worry with the idea of this show is how they would tackle the corner of the Marvel Universe that these two come from. The corner where real crimes happen to people whether they are rich or poor. Where the real ground level problems happen that no other comic book series is bold enough to touch. You can’t help but feel some skepticism when they decide to go with Freeform, and that tends to come with the overpowering of teen drama.

Starting this story off where they were kids running into the tragedy that created them was new. I was never too sure how I would feel about that approach, but the execution worked because it fit the atmosphere of this story. Whether it was this way or what could have been their kidnapping, there was a real world twist to it. Especially for the show that better incorporates Roxxon into the mix. Jumping years later, it was interesting how their worlds changed after that one incident. The one thing it seems we have to get used to about these younger hero shows is that they want to create more content for the time before they become what we are familiar with. Hard to argue with of course when we better understand where these characters started, and what they lose when their lives are uprooted.

With more of a build-up to the development of their powers, also came darker situations for that opportunity to arise. It was in those moments where I started feeling at ease with the tone of Cloak & Dagger. For everything extraordinary unfolding, there was just as many real-life problems to deal with.

Very different backgrounds felt like an understatement when it came to their lifestyles. Following Tyrone’s story, it was painful to connect with someone who has so much to prove and overcome as a teen trying to make sure he has options. They gave him more of a modern problem to deal with which they luckily did not overdo. Some might quickly throw him into a cliche for every other black kid his age, but this was a little more thinking outside the box considering Ty doesn’t find himself in a position where he can afford something like this development in him to derail things. As for Tandy, it was no easier seeing what was a broken girl. I was expecting more of the prep life initially, and that was before the first trailer came out to see that she went from someone who had a lot, to nothing. Seeing how that plays out for Tandy in this premiere shook things up. Both of them were pretty much in a position where things couldn’t have gotten better or worse.

For the second episode, it was a solid transition into Tandy and Ty figuring out what has awoken in them. For Tandy there was fear for how this power was unleashed, but for Ty it was a slow crawl towards realization. I would have thought for him he could have figured out the source at the very least, but they dragged a bit for the sake of keeping both of them in the same state of confusion. Getting back to Tandy, her situation was troublesome. I was shocked that they really put her in a position where she had to use her powers the way she did, but again that was a bit of the expectation that came with the story of Cloak & Dagger. The things that you wouldn’t stomach so easily. How she tried to dig herself out of that situation carried a lot of suspense give the introduction that we got for Detective Brigid O’Reilly, who was surprisingly only a step behind since the start. Everything really came down to where things would escalate for Tandy whether she could make the run or get caught. Great execution when that time came as they further they took us into what broke in her, and it was quite depressing.

Ty’s story took us deeper into his personal life at home and at school. It was one thing to know that he was going to some prep school, but it was another thing entirely to realize the convenience that this was also a religious school. Not the best environment for someone who finds himself consumed with revenge, and having powers that challenge everything that he is being taught. Now the price that Ty paid for finding himself consumed by revenge somewhat felt fair. This was the first step for someone like him to begin growing from the seeds of his past in contrast to Tandy.

For both Tandy and Ty, I appreciated how in this second episode they had stronger adult presence to guide them. That isn’t something they had before. New content added to their story like this does not hurt one bit. Change is always acceptable when it stays true to what you know about these characters at their core. This isn’t to say that it didn’t take some getting used to the way both Tandy and Ty’s powers created unique connections with others and each other.

Overall, the Cloak & Dagger series premiere impressed me. I feel like this was worth the wait for all the fears about how this would turn out to wash away.

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