Comic Book Review: Action Comics #43



Action Comics #43 posits the word Alienation right on the cover and it’s a proper theme for this book. With the exception of the villains Pak pretty much shows each group of characters having an us versus them feeling and we get to understand why. It’s actually cool idea having readers connect with characters and get a complete understanding why they don’t trust certain person or group.

I was really excited for this comic in particular, mostly cause of the fact that Superman punched a police in pure anger. Given his place in this new world, and with what’s happening in the real world right now, it’s an interesting action for him to take. I like how Pak handled writing Superman in a situation where Superman hasn’t handled a situation like this. It’s interesting seeing Superman actually losing control of his anger and cutting loose. It’s a whole new side of Superman that’s rarely seen and it’s impressive that he’s taken this route with the character.

Speaking of the cop being a shadow monster, they take on a role that reminds me of the movies Body Snatchers and John Carpenter’s The Thing. At first these guys are scary. Kuder did an excellent job making the shadow monster actually look they came out of somebody’s nightmares, especially later on in the comic where the monster scenes have this sinister tone to that just leaves tingles down your spin. Credit to Morey who’s colouring who did a great job in making the monsters look scary without going too far for parents to have a problem with it.

Besides the monster the art designs in this comic are amazing. Kuder did a fantastic job on this comic and it shows he took the time and effort on all the characters and backgrounds. Each character from the main characters to the side characters have a unique design to them that readers won’t confuse them for anyone else. The faces and poses help tell the story so well that readers and actually see them being angry, frustrated and glad and it makes them more relatable characters. The colours by Morey draws the reader in and sets the tone perfectly for each scene.

All in all this comic is a must read. I can’t stress how much I’ve enjoyed this new direction for Superman. Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder are doing something that might not be easy for long time fans to get into but it’s worth checking out for Kuder’s amazing artwork alone.

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This is a perfect installment of this series. Pak and Kuder is doing top notch work with Superman.

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