Comic Book Review: Action Comics #46


Action Comics -Cv46-ds-499a0Pak does a great job showing what kind of theme this issue was going for. Each issue of Action Comics so far had a word printed on the cover with the story centered around that word. This issue was no different. It pretty much showed Superman being corrupted by whatever empowered Lee and Wrath. It’s neat that Pak showed what kind of powers Superman got from the Wrath’s infection and how it’s changing his way of thinking. We’ve seen characters get corrupted before, but here you notice the written dialogue of Superman slowly get warped. It showed off Pak’s writing skills and its appealing when writers get to try something different while keeping the main characters in character.

The only downside from this story is the timing. Not with the story, but when this issue was published. We recently had a story of Superman being corrupted by some unknown force before, so it doesn’t have the same impact for readers who’ve read a lot of Superman and Justice League comics recently where this kind of thing happened almost all the time. It brings down the story for long time readers, although I think casual readers who are fans of Superman won’t have a problem with it at all.

The villain Wrath is still a mystery, which works well in this issue. We get an idea of what she had planned only to see it as a red herring. She’s an interesting villain, who’s not afraid to confront the main characters head on, but still able to manipulate everyone to get her way in the end. Pak made a villain readers are going to remember for her unpredictability.

Scott Kolins did a terrific job on the interior art. While I still miss Aaron Kuder’s art style, Kolins still stands out from the way he draws his characters to layout designs. From Kolins’ design on Superman you can easily tell something is wrong with the man of steel. Personally I would have liked that the black mass on Superman made him look a bit more like a monster like Lee, but the small stuff does sell it better to readers being corrupted by this new power. The character structure and actions have just the right amount of exaggeration to catch your attention and the designs for characters adds to that appeal which grabs you.

The colors are done by two colorists, Tomeu Morey and Pete Pantazis. Honestly I thought this was all done by one colorist because it is hard to tell who colored in certain pages. It gives unity to the art for the reader and does a great job in showing Superman corrupted by some strange black goop.

This creative team pulled off the theme of Action Comics #46 in a spectacular way. Action Comics continues to be a book worth giving a chance if you want to see an interesting take on a corrupted Superman.

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Overall this is a well written issue

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