Comic Book Review: Aliens: Defiance #12


Humanity right? There’s one thing that kills me so much about the Aliens Vs Predator franchise, and that is how humanity continues to stare into the abyss. Whether it is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation or the people who foolishly throw themselves into the darkness working for them, the madness never ends. Well except for Zula and company, she may have made her share of mistakes up to this point, but she sees the danger.

Now with that said, her latest mistake did not put everyone in the best position. You have Davis on one hand whose fate for the most part went unknown, and then you have Dr. Hollis who is being treated as a lab rat for Weyland-Yutani to cut a sample out of. Not very ideal if you ask me stepping out of one hell and being trapped in another. Hollis’ experience is what hurts most for the fact that she is very much aware of what’s going on. That is as much psychological torture as it is physical. Weyland-Yutani are the villains here and this is them showing their true colors.

On the other hand you still have Hendicks who is facing an uphill climb. You still feel sorry for her because every moment for her right now is a battle. To survive all that out in space only to come back and still be seen as the same broken soldier. Says a lot about the people you could ever have called your allies. Especially when all eyes are till on her to decide if she is too much of a liability or not useful enough to keep around. It’s a game and it changes things from the horror that was going up against Xenomorphs. This issue was a moment of redemption for Hendricks because there was a reflection on her past actions and it was the opportunity for her to set the score straight on where she stands with the mission she was sent on. The strength she displays here was as admirable as the first time she grabbed our attention. Its in moments like these where Aliens: Defiance lives up to the name. It is about defying the same fate that so many before got at the hands of the corrupt and curious.

Zula Hendricks fully answers for her defiance and that much is what brings this story together. Her continued defiance all the way to the bitter end.

Until the very end I have felt nothing but impressed by the artwork for Aliens: Defiance. We’ve cycled through some artists, but all of them brought quality work to match this story. Something I loved from all of them is the consistency to the layout and approach from the first issue till the last. What you always take notice of is the episodic feeling to it. The pacing of the story already makes it feel that way, though just the way things get started in each issue sets the tone for what’s to come. The way they cut to different scenes or perspectives in the same scene. For this last issue we have Eduardo Francisco continuing as artist. He still has a strong focus on the characters and that human element we are tapping into now that we are dealing with Weyland-Yutani directly. Francisco captured a lot of these characters just right in these final moments. Whether they still had something to fight for, or when you could see that there was nothing left to do but fear what came next. Zula’s confidence and determination returned here and it felt nice to remember what that was like for her at a time like this.

Dan Jackson’s colors continued to shine with a change of tones now that we are back on Earth. As I’ve mentioned before, we got so used to the cold and quite colorless setting of space, that it felt like stepping into some place new once you added the color of Earth. With that said, the lack of color around the parts involving Hollis definitely allowed you to take in the emotion about her approaching end.

Had to do some digging by the end of Aliens: Defiance #12, but it sucks that this is the end of the series. The minute this started to feel like a conclusion, the reality began to set in. Part of me knew it wasn’t going to be that long of an ongoing book, so there was always the fear of when that end would come because this story was so good. Aliens: Defiance changed the game for what kind of story could come of this franchise. A diverse lead, a different kind of main character, and a whole new kind of adventure going against Weyland-Yutani.

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