Comic Book Review: Aliens: Defiance #3


Aliens Defiance #3From the start of Aliens: Defiance you wanted to know more about Hendricks, and luckily this creative team struck a balance between delivering that, action, horror, and suspense. Not the human to mess with, and certainly not one who is ready to go down without a fight on what she realizes may be a suicide mission. A great recipe for any story created within the Aliens Vs Predator franchise.

From the start of Aliens: Defiance #3 the character development came from the subtle things we get to explore when they aren’t in action. The big part of Hendricks as our main character has been her overcoming this injury that could at any point spell her doom. She doesn’t like to be looked at as damaged goods, she hates pity, and she does not like to be judged. All commendable characteristics for someone like her. This vulnerability actually makes her stronger, and understanding it is a plus when also grasping just how severe these pains are for her.

With that said, going into this issue we were teased of a mutiny aboard the Europa. From the minute you read this the question was then, what mutiny? And how? I mean before you flipped open that first page you probably were very confused wondering how one Earth we ended up in this kind of situation when there is a bigger one to deal with. The explanation of this you would have to approve of for the fact that it made sense of a large gap in time where we simply took what information was fed to us. It left us satisfied until things really came into perspective. Obviously this mutiny would have to deal with synthetic versus synthetic and Hendricks. The best way truly would be the direction they took with the synthetics accessing the Weyland-Yutani network buoy to reprogram their directives. This not only confirmed what you thought was untrustworthy about them, it also confirmed that of course there was something corrupt about Weyland.

What you also love about Aliens: Defiance is how well they play off those small things you may overlook. In particular for this issue that would be Davis. From the moment we were introduced to him there was something more to him than just being another synthetic like the rest. Personally I find myself drawn to characters like him because it takes skill to bring someone like him to life. To let you see more than appearance. He is a robot with no facial expression or even motion of a mouth when speaking. So to give him all these human traits and make it believable creates appeal.

The artwork for Aliens: Defiance #3 I would say is the most favorable compared to the issues before. Firstly we get to see Hendricks really get to stretch her legs as a Marine. It is one thing to say she is all these things commendable, it is another thing to get to see her in action. And to be able to still do all of this while injured? It gets the blood pumping considering any moment her body could give out on her. Then you certainly like the way she looks at Davis. For someone who struggles to interact with most people, she has managed to connect with the one thing who wants to be like most people. Which brings us to Davis. I said most I could about what stands out with the way he is drawn, but it still deserves more recognition because it is not every day you can find attachment to a machine. You care that he is different, wants to be different, and carries himself differently. Supported by his explanation of his actions made it all acceptable. Then to even see the lengths he would go to fight this programming, it would be a shame if anything happened to him to lose a character this unique in the AvP franchise. Definitely more unique than David from Prometheus.

Aliens: Defiance #3 is exciting because we have finally gotten down to brass tacks dealing with the big picture. This has always been about more than just saving humanity from the Aliens. This is about saving humanity from Weyland because no matter what goes wrong in the AvP Universe, they are at the center of it all. Curiosity killed the cat, but it seems this cat is putting up a fight for the sake of it.

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