Comic Book Review: Aliens: Dust to Dust #3


Not going to lie, for a mini it is fairly disappointing that we have had to wait since July for the next issue when we were halfway through this story.With all that time to sit on this story, unfortunately I stumbled upon a problem that I simply can’t shake with a kid used as a main character for these stories. It’s a painful cliche to use, and mainly when the kid will always be the cause of trouble that you see coming a mile away.

From the very first moment of this issue it was as predictable as could be when they jumped straight into the consequences of for some reason not informing the rest of the group that there was a Xenomorph alive and ready to tail them. I mean, what is up with that? Who couldn’t find the common sense to alert those who could prepare you for the worst? The easiest answer would be a kid who is scared or in shock, but honestly that’s not good enough these days. This can’t be a coming of age story, when so far the kid has done nothing to stand out from your average kid in this situation who is nothing but a liability. The only thing of interest to come of this chapter of the story was questioning some things about the birth of the Xenomorphs that might give the boy some relevance beyond being an obstacle or tool for the horror experience.

When it come to the issue before, I do recall saying that human problems are key, but only if they don’t make you cringe too hard at the decisions they make. Unfortunately that did not improve here either. There was nothing here that wasn’t simply some of these people letting human nature take over at the worst of times. That wasn’t every character here, but it was enough of them to make it difficult to overlook. After so many stories already taken place in this universe, it is a struggle to run into people who don’t all have that heroic bone in them. That does wonders for the sense of terror and fear for survival in most cases, but just didn’t work in this case.

I hate to say it, but this was the first time in a long while where I didn’t feel all too bothered if this ended with majority if not all of the characters falling prey to the Xenomorph attacks. We have not been given nearly enough reason in the span of three issues to want to invest in a possible future for them.

The best thing that Dust to Dust has going for it is probably the artwork. There was nothing standout in this issue, so it was mostly the consistency in quality that you could genuinely take notice of. Aside from that, it was simply the terror of each attack from the Xenomorphs. That is to say despite the fact that they didn’t actually show the deaths as they happened, only what came after which didn’t help sell the horror as much it should have.

Aliens: Dust to Dust #3 was hard to get through, which is new for me to have to say about an issue of Aliens. Normally I would say that they hit the mark, but not with Dust to Dust. It could have been much more than what it turned out to be. I think I would have been more open to what was unfolding here if there wasn’t such a long wait between issue two and three. You lose a lot of trust in the story when readers are given that much room to stew on what they have read so far.

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