Comic Book Review: Aliens: Life And Death #1


aliens-life-and-death-1The next step in the Dark Horse Aliens Vs Predator franchise. Since Fire and Stone I can help but be impressed about how far e have come in this world. You would have thought this would be a number of random stories, but they have all managed to connect in some way that keeps you coming back for more. Staying true to what you love about the AVP franchise between the horror, suspense, gore, and general fear factor. Being Aliens now? You flip open these pages bracing for just what that means for everyone still stuck on LV-223.

Bracing is an understatement though. When Prometheus: Life and Death ended, they were pretty much outnumbered against this horde of Aliens. The surviving humans on LV-223 find themselves wounded, scattered-and easy prey for a gathering horde of Aliens. They could just barely fight back a squad of Predators with a full team, so you could only imagine what chance they could have going up against a full-blown assault by Xenomorphs. From the flip of the first page things went exactly how you would picture and it stung trying to conceive what any one of them might be thinking in that moment. There was hope when they decided to make their suicide run for the ship. And then that bit of hope was stripped from them the minute the ship took off without them. Not to mention in their heads it seemed as though they were left behind and abandoned when that was not the case. I mean it sucks that of everyone to still be stranded on LV-223 it had to be Jill and Chris, but there was no better pair to throw into the fire to send the message that when you are screwed, you are screwed. Personally I felt some kind of way about the situation one is left to, not something you want to wish on your worst enemy.

Now while there is the survival against the Aliens, this would not be an AVP story if that were the last of their worries. This issue also addresses how there is still the threat of the other Engineer as well. You know the one who is actually on the ground hunting them? Yeah, if things could be any worse for them it still is. Even with the way this issue ended, while you don’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel for all with this new chapter, you still want to stick around to see just what this group is capable of when the Colonial Marines aren’t the kind to go down without a fight. Something can still surprise us even in the face of great loss.

Of the Life and Death stories so far, I would have to say that this art team stands out as the best. Moritat and Rain Beredo really deliver some quality work for a horror story. Maybe it is because we were dealing with more Aliens, but this required someone like Moritat to fully flesh out the threat they faced. Someone who can really get into detail when it comes to the physiology of the Aliens. From head to toes he nailed their anamalistic nature and intimidation. Impressive when able to do this with a number of Aliens seen on any single panel. There was uniformity as well. Most importantly what Moritat brings to the table is the way he draws the characters. Capturing their expressions which said a lot about the position they found themselves in for most of this issue. The fear, panic and loss was written all over their faces as it should be. Even with the Colonial Marines who were better equipped for this kind of assault. As for Rain Beredo, the colors were stronger than before which really brought out the energy and intensity of this conflict. This I would say is where Beredo is at best, and if you are familiar with Beredo’s colors then you know that things can only get better. Especially when it looks like we will be having some change of settings along the way.

Aliens: Life And Death #1 is the start of another chapter with potential. Everything matters and nothing is irrelevant when the name of the game is survival and no man left behind (so to speak).

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