Comic Book Review: Aliens: Life And Death #3


aliens-life-and-death-3Say what? Survivors of both Xenomorphs and Predators are willing to jump back into that same danger in order to save some of their own? Yep, that is where we are in Aliens: Life And Death #3 which is again a welcome change in comparison to other AVP stories. The fight is being taken to the enemy and you want to see what happens when those who are prepared for action prove that it takes more than what they have been through to break them.

The build up to Chris’ rescue was dreadful because things don’t seem all too hopeful for her. Its one thing if she were outside of their nest hiding, but here she is right in the middle of it. So it was hard to say exactly what they would find when they actually reach her. A great feeling to have leading up to these moments as you are letting the horror of the worst possible scenario sink in. Life and Death has really played with the concept of survival from the start to this point. Most times our characters are on the run, and for a good time they were. Though now you have this group of survivors and Marines armed and ready to jump right into the fray over the mentality of leaving no man behind. It is the most commendable thing you could ask for even if you know there will be a lot more casualties than those rescued.

Now the funny thing is that as I sat here pondering the question of how the heck Chris has survived this long, boom came the answer. It definitely was not what you were expecting and you might appreciate the feeling of them being able to surprise you like this. The things you may have overlooked, yet now understand in terms of possibilities between Xenomorph and Engineer. Because of this discovery we reached that point of escalation a lot sooner than you would have assumed.

Now this still wouldn’t be a great AvP story if rescuing Chris was the only danger they were getting themselves into. I was excited to see that the threat of the Engineer was still present. It would have been unfortunate if it was quickly forgotten in the chaos of their heroism. A fight on two fronts may completely take the odds out of their favor, but by the end of this issue you remember that a happy ending here is never promised. Regardless you do want to see just what it will take to defeat an Engineer whose main objective is to kill.

Again Moritat proves be a welcomed change in artwork for Aliens: Life And Death. While the issue before captured more of the fear factor from these characters, the second issue highlighted the valiance that comes with taking on what is practically a suicide mission. I will say that the perspective for some of the story did take away from the quality in the faces, but their facial expressions were captured when they mattered the most. For instance Chris, she was the one who caught your attention more than the others because they focused on hr experience through the hive. Especially upon figuring out what they wanted from her. It would be too easy to draw someone like her in a state of panic, so what we saw felt refreshing for someone who is relying on resourcefulness and faith alone to get out of what seems hopeless on the surface. That aside the detail put into the Xenomorphs is impressive, the structure of their caves, and the image of what it looks like for a Xenomorph to be poisoned. With that said, Rain Beredo’s colors as well were at their best during Chris’ parts in the nest. There the color works came off more organic. A lot more depth created as well just because of the shadows. Though more than anything else the stronger colors did the trick for pulling our attention to those more horrific moments

Aliens: Life And Death #3 sends us on that last stretch of this chapter showing us what the stakes are between saving Chris and making sure the Xenomorphs see to their impending doom. These situations are never easy, so it is continuously entertaining that they are able to shake things up in ways we haven’t seen before.

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