Comic Book Review: Aliens: Resistance #2


Since the end of Aliens: Defiance, I was always looking forward to that next chapter in the life of Zula Hendricks. Aliens: Resistance was the perfect way to bring this character back and her mission which was far from over. It only made things better that they decided to include Amanda Ripley as well. A character with a strong connection to someone familiar in this universe, and branching from her own experience at the hands of both Xenomorphs and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

What I love about most Aliens stories is that they are very self-aware of the fact that these are mini-series. Meaning that no time is wasted at all in diving into the thick of the plot. After Zula and Amanda realize what is truly at stake in these black site experiments conducted by Weyland-Yutani, this story jumped straight into what needed to be done. I loved the atmofphere set from there because this wasn’t one of those stories where you were only fearing the possibility that Xenomorphs will be present. Weyland-Yutani is their own brand of evil that I’m glad this corner of the Aliens universe addresses fully. That made every move they took from that point crucial since all it would take is one mistake. Especially with these new weapons in the form of androids that the corporation now has at their disposal. That isn’t even getting around to everything else that could go wrong here when there is clearly so much misunderstood about just how far this corporation has gotten in their research and advancements.

It was hard to say who was more engaging between Amanda and Zula. I was probably more satisfied that both of them were equally as compelling in the roles they had to play in this story. Both are soldiers in this fight against Weyland-Yutani, but at the same time they are survivors who have been through some stuff. The deeper they went into this mission, the more you could see the way that both walked away from their experiences. One very clearly still suffers some trauma, while the other one seems more battle-hardened by the fact that she made it this far at all. That last part at least with a little company. Seeing that both were affected in some way or another by this corporation was the big takeaway which gives them drive and motivation.

For this stage of their mission, the air of suspense was perfect. You were feeling the nerves the same way as these women were when anything could go wrong at any moment. Horror books like this never work if you aren’t able to brace yourself for the unexpected. They found a way to get our hearts racing when everything was too calm, to get us excited when it was time to see these two spring into action again, and then crush us with one of the worst case scenarios for this team. This was the full package of emotions in such a short amount of time.

With this second issue the art team of Robert Carey and Dan Jackson continue to impress for what they bring to the table that is different from most Aliens stories. These two issues were engaging because of the focus placed on Zula and Amanda as people. These are two survivors who have been through the worst at the hands of Weyland, and that is an experience they wear on their sleeves. You see it in their aggression, and their response to the things that would trigger PTSD. Fortunate for us, Carey is a penciler who doesn’t waste the panels he can take advantage of to bring perspective to their expressions and actions. Like I also pointed out in the first issue, it is also commendable how this art team puts the effort into rendering every setting and the background of space. It’s empty, it’s cold, and you don’t always expect to see every ship/object in full view. What is in full view, with that said, is fully visualized and engaging which is important for the fact that traversing between ships is just as dangerous as what lies within.

Aliens: Resistance #2 gives us another solid issue for everything compelling about these characters and the fight that they are ready to see through to the end. If you didn’t understand what was personally at stake for both Zula and Amanda, then you now have a better idea of that and what they are now joining forces to combat.

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