Comic Book Review: Aliens Vs Predator: Life And Death #3


Stuff of nightmares right? That is all I could say to myself at the end of the previous issue. These Marines and survivors have been through it all at this point, but nothing like the hell that is coming their way. What army of Xenomorphs they stand against is the kind of situation where you just might crap yourself. And you know what? That is the kind of crap situations we somehow look forward to from this franchise because you don’t know what’s coming. Its anything goes as they could make it out of this by some miracle, or this is it.

The emotion jumping into what looked like a final stand was intense. If there’s one thing you love most about Life and Death it has been that they don’t toy with the idea of a happy or satisfying end. The Marines said it best during their first encounter with the Predators that this was a loss from the start. With that said, excellent build up to this kind of escalation which looked like something out of a movie. Truthfully this is one of the most memorable scenes I’ve witnessed because it is times like now you appreciate the comics more for being able to do the things the movies aren’t bold enough to. I fight of this size they would struggle pulling off on the big screen considering how much CGI might be involved.

From the minute the hacking, slashing and shooting began you were just taking in the sense of horror that we needed to adjust to after they escaped the nest. Preparing yourself for the worst knowing that its easier said than done once the worst does indeed come.

What I continue to like is that through key character moments they stay on it that Weyland at the end of the day aren’t the good guys. Their intentions aren’t pure, and neither is their care for those who put themselves in danger for their greed. Aside from this they play into the fear for Chris’ life. The suspense up to this point has been killer, no pun intended. I mean there is never a time when you aren’t scared for what happens to those carrying an alien inside of them. Chris is a special case not only for what she has growing inside of her, but the struggle in having lasted this long compared to most people who would’ve already burst open. In my opinion the most admirable character of the series for how this issue ends and just the defiance to go against the odds.

The art team here stepped up their game as like I said above, they are taking full advantage of the things you can do through the comics medium that the movies are not yet bold enough to do. Have you ever seen a Xenomorph assault of this size? No. Have you seen Predator and humans fighting side by side like this? No. And they capture these scenes so well enough without so much going on throughout. I would have feared that this is where things get a bit messy for Brian Thies, but he had a good sense of perspective when dealing with this many Xenomorphs moving around at once. It was smart that the dust from battle covered up a lot that he would have otherwise have had to get in detail drawing. Focused on what was importantly going on in that moment. Especially when it came to reaction shots and expressions that spoke to how dire the situation has becoming and still becoming. Now the same thing goes for Beredo. Doesn’t get too lost in what is going on here to be able to prioritize making the important things pop out through color. Did a great job of blending everything to the dust surrounding them and the background colors that emphasized the shifting tones.

With the way Aliens Vs Predator: Life And Death #3 ends, it’s going to be one heck of a pain waiting for the next issue as it is also the end. I don’t know how this will end, but that is what you love about a story like this. We are at a point where there may not be another chapter to follow Life And Death. This could be it and guess what? I might be just fine with that because this has been an exciting story that went on longer than I initially guessed it would.

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