Comic Book Review: Aliens Vs Predator: Life and Death #4


Like most of Life and Death we find ourselves at the finale of yet another chapter coming to a close. Now I’m not sure if there’s anything to follow this one to it is safe to assume that Aliens Vs Predator is it. Chilling when you think of it that way because these two groups of survivors and Colonial Marines have been through hell and back to get to where they are right now. They have had some small victories up to this point, but for right now it only take one moment for it to be time to pull the plug on this cast as this is the universe of Aliens Vs Predator.

From the minute Aliens Vs Predator: Life and Death #4 starts, there is a quick reminder of everything there is to love about this chapter of the franchise. As I have pointed out numerous times in the past, Life and Death is so great because of the strength of focus on this cast of characters. A lot of the time we really don’t have the opportunity to take a step back and care for thee characters who are forced into a game of survival. Whether they were dealing with the Aliens or Predators the situation is always the same with their backs against the wall and sanity tested. These Colonial Marines from introduction and beyond stood in defiance of what normal humans fall prey to in these situations. Then Came Galgo and the rest of them who dared to defy death all this time and still do as Jill does here as the last stand against this horde of dying Xenomorphs.

I’ve never loved a character as much as Chris from what she has stood for since understanding what she was carrying inside of her. I have talked about how admirable the sense of self-sacrifice has been from this cast of character, but never has that been more true when speaking of Chris. This is someone who even knowing her time was nearing an end thought about the people who risked everything to save her, the one she loves most who would probably meet her end too just to save her.

I think we all know the way this was going to end, but the emotional build-up came as a surprise. The dialogue has been so flawless with what Chris had to say in this moment topping it off. You couldn’t ask for a more human demonstration of what it means to be thrust in these situations.

The issue before I was happy for this art team because they were showing the things that makes the comics so visually engaging as a medium in comparison to the movies. For this issue it was the human elements which grab us the most. As I pointed out what made this such a standout issue for the end to Aliens Vs Predator: Life and Death was how much we were able to care for the situation Chris was put in. Every minute of her experience we could follow whether it was her fear, courage, anger, and frustrations. She was the full package for someone who has come this far and finds herself quite tired of it all. I don’t think we’ve ever had a character like Chris who carries herself in such a manner where you root for her even knowing that this is the end. There was this one panel where you could just see the fire in her eyes which spoke volumes to what was coming. Rain Beredo gets to play with some strong colors here that really worked in the favor of this being a climax. Most of the colors for Life and Death have been pretty tame, so it is nice to have some panels here and there where they are really ready to put it all in your face.

Aliens Vs Predator: Life and Death #4 was every bit of satisfying for how this last stand against the Xenomorphs played out. There’s one more part to follow, and while this conflict comes out of left field I enjoy that nothing is ever so simple for these stories. Some say that you know what to expect from these stories, but they clearly have proven us wrong from start to finish of Life and Death. This has been an exciting story that went on longer than I initially guessed it would and glad for it with what we have to take away.

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