Comic Book Review: All-New Wolverine #1


All-New_Wolverine_Vol_1_1_TextlessNote: Trigger warning. This comic book came out before the horrific attacks in Paris. This review was written after the attacks. 

Even though “Secret Wars” is still (somehow) going, the rest of the Marvel universe has moved on. One part of the All New All Different Marvel universe that has changed very much has been the part that the X-Men inhabit. In a post “Secret Wars” world, Wolverine is still dead and in his absence, a new Wolverine has taken over. “All-New Wolverine” #1 is a strong debut that made even this Wolverine hater a believer.

Laura Kinney is in Paris trying to stop an assassination. As she helps people on the streets in front of the Eiffel Tower she gets hit and flashes back to a vital conversation she had with Logan after a mission. Here we see the major differences between the two and here we get a great snapshot of what kind of Wolverine Laura is going to be.

Tom Taylor absolutely gets Laura in ways that no one but Marjorie Liu did. He understands that she is not “girl Logan”. I really enjoyed how heroic Laura comes off here. She’s trying to stop something bad from happening but taking the time to make sure others are okay and out of the way. She’s got a violent streak in her but her struggle is keeping it in check while not being wholly selfish. What’s weird about the ANAD era of Marvel is that there is some carrying over of pre – “Secret Wars” storylines. In the case of “All-New Wolverine” #1, Laura’s relationship with Warren Worthington is awkward and adorable all at the same time. They compliment each other in many ways and there’s an adorable scene where Laura is injured and doesn’t want to be touched but Warren feels the need to show affection. The way this is resolved is so cute and so perfect for the two of them. Even if you’re jumping into this with no background of either one of them they still come off completely endearing. The cliffhanger at the end sets up something game changing for Laura and it’s more than enough to hook you into this series.

David Lopez and David Navarrot make for a very good penciling/inking team. There are some excellent action sequences but what stands out so much is how not sexualized Wolverine is. She has, in the past, been overly sexy and it’s never matched with who her character is. Her outfit is some kind of spandex material but it looks and moves like actual clothing. There is no boob stocking effect or sticky, wedgie look on the bottom part of the outfit. She is much more gymnastic than Logan and some of the shots with Angel holding her flying are almost majestic. The expressions are perfect for each scene, especially close ups of Wolverine. She’s got the right amount of intensity, courage and at times, doubt. Nathan Fairbairn’s colors set the perfect tone. There’s a great deal of layering in the blues of the nighttime scenery and Wolverine’s costume just pops off the page.

“All-New Wolverine” #1 is the start of something new and maybe has the potential to be better than much of the recent Logan starring series. As someone who’s never been a big fan of the Wolverine character, I consider myself converted and fully on board with what this team is giving us.


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All-New Wolverine #1 is a great debut that sets Laura on her own path.

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