Comic Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows #1


Amazing Spider-Man Renew_Your_Vows_Vol_1_1_TextlessWhat a start to this Secret Wars world. Spider-man has the life he’s always wanted, a family life with Mary Jane and a daughter Annie. Everything is perfect so what could go wrong?

We start off this issue with the Parker family having a discussion at the kitchen table with little Annie listening in.It threw me off at first when they said the name Annie, I really was expecting Mayday not Annie. It’s just my MC2 nostalgia kicking in but I really expected Mayday. As the story progresses we learn that Peter is dealing with other heroes villains as if they aren’t dealing with them any more. Trying to find out what’s happening he learns that some are dead or missing. As he is trying to protect his family the Parker luck kicks in to his worst nightmare. Not only is the world’s mightiest heroes disappearing but now Spidey has to do whatever he can to protect his family from one person who could take it all away from him. Will he help the heroes or save his family?

The story was great and kept me riveted the whole time. There is a few parts that I couldn’t believe happened and one scene in particular I felt would have given away his identity completely. This is definitely a universe and a Peter we have never seen. Dan Slott did an excellent job of not only crafting a great Spider-Man story that the fans have wanted for years but with developing a unique world that has a life of its own. Peter may be the main focus but the story going on around him is going to lead to many other problems for him down the road. I am very excited to see where the events of this issue go in the issues to come. The Parker luck has always thrown a wrench in the works for Peter and this time more than ever. I do wonder how far we are going to see Annie grow up and if she will portray any of Mayday’s qualities.

I’m also a big fan of Adam Kubert’s art in this issue. It felt like a 90’s Spider-Man comic. Up-close images were very detailed while farther away shots or even background items were minimal. The background shots could have a little more detail as some of them felt like they were just shapes and outlines. The scenes that were detailed though were beautifully done. Like my favorite scene of Spidey crashing through a window, you see the glass shards and even window frame splinters.

This was a great start to this world and I can’t wait two weeks to read the next part. I think when the final issue hits I am going to be sad that this world won’t continue. How Peter handles his new role in life as well as the changes around him will be interesting to see. I think more of the Parker luck will end up making this a very interesting ride. I also hope we see little Annie grow up some to see what kind of trouble she get’s into.

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Great story on it's own, it's a story fans have been asking for years to get. Excellent first issue.

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