Comic Book Review: Angel Season 11 #11


Who would have thought that Angel and Illyria could ever be a thing? Not this guy, and definitely would never have been a possibility before the events of Angel Season 11 so far. But even then, it seems like we have finally reached that point where this trip through history is coming to an end. I have actually awaited this moment a long time now since honestly plots involving time travel have never grabbed me as much as they could or should.

The start to this issue hit pretty hard. Here I was asking how Angel and Illyria could be a thing, but I was not at all asking the right question. The real question was what the consequence would be of a thing between them, while this is still Fred’s body we are talking about. That made for an intense scene that you couldn’t have prepared for as this situation is beyond awkward. I mean it’s complicated, and yet it is not. these two share the same body, but it truly only belongs to one of them regardless. How could things be the same between Angel and Fred again? Truthfully this was a fairly heavy topic to get into since there is only one issue left of Angel Season 11 after this.

At the same time one does have to wonder what motivated the need for a form of relationship to take place in this story. We know Angel, and we know what happens when someone like him falls in love. It gets fairly predictable at a point considering he’ll do something to hurt someone else, or that person will do something to hurt him inevitably. He’s not Spike where he is genuinely trying to move forward instead of taking steps back.

Getting back to the present where their time-traveling adventure began was a breath of fresh air for this trio. Now while it is good to be back in a familiar place, the situation was anything but. I must say I wasn’t too shocked by how wrong things could get for them upon returning. When you take on a plot involving time travel, you are always bracing yourself for not when things wrong, but how. You almost never mess with time without a consequence waiting for you at the end of your travels. This takes away from any genuine moments of shock unfortunately. With that said, the danger which present itself was an interesting choice in foe. A solid representation of what happens when you create ripples in reality, though it goes without saying that there is nothing about this creature that fits into anything going on currently.

As far as the artwork goes, I will say that they nail the magical elements when it comes to Fred and Illyria transforming back and forth. At the start of the season the effect didn’t pop out as much as it could have. When you are someone transforming into a goddess and back into a mortal, you want to make that moment matter which took some time to get to that point. Aside from that, this creature that they find themselves engaging with in the present was cool visually. Detail went into its composition, it looked menacing, and really kept your eyes moving from page to page. Couldn’t figure out the purpose of this thing in terms of plot progression, but visually it was a worthy challenge to throw at Angel and Fred. They aren’t the biggest guns to throw at a monster, but you still want something that won’t make it too easy on them. Especially when you have someone like Angel who will jump headfirst into a fight without a plan.

With the conclusion of Angel Season 11 #11, I did find myself just a bit disappointed that there are still so many questions and very few answers to engage you in this story. It feels like we’ve been going through an adventure without any real direction. I want to know exactly what is at stake by confronting this threat, what exactly IT is, and what started all of this in the first place. I hope that the final issue will address that and much more if we are to be satisfied with what we have gotten out of this twelve-issue season.

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