Comic Book Review: Angel Season 11 #12


Going into this finale of season 11, I found myself a bit disappointed that there are still so many questions and very few answers to engage you in this story. It feels like we’ve been going through an adventure without any real direction.This issue is what you are looking forward to most if you are like me because there is a need for all of this to feel worthwhile. Can’t say I was the biggest fan of plots involving messing with time and hopefully there would be satisfying pay-off from this round trip.

Going into this last stretch of the story they at least start to try making sense of the situation. Having this dealing with time meant that every move they made was pretty much uncertain and based off of what they already know about the rules of time. Some things about that rule that are off the bat unique to the Buffyverse. What caused a lot of this craziness in the present made sense, yet at the same time I didn’t find the revelation all too satisfying. The only part of their actions against this time paradox that might break through to you is what’s sacrificed to stop it. They at least made sure that the key encounters mattered in the long-run. That is even though this was nothing too new throwing Angel into the ring to fight another demon of his past. I get that many things have gone wrong for him, though this is a stage for him when there should be more focus towards his present instead of taking steps back to supposedly move forward.

The biggest problem here is the lack of conclusion to the adventure. They themselves created the problem here, but what about the problem that sent them on the trip through time in the first place? That beetle? I mean I was waiting for something to actually come full circle and that was not the case. It was disappointing that at the end of the day it was more of just an adventure for the sake of one. I hate to put it like that, but this story did not meet the expectations of what you anticipated after Angel and Fred saved Magic Town in season 10.

Even in this finale Illyria continues to show character growth through the way that she has bonded with Fred. Before this season, she would never come out to help Fred unless both of their lives were in danger. Now she has a respect for Fred’s space, she comes out more frequently when there are things they desperately need her power for, and she offers up plenty of wisdom having an outside perspective on events unfolding. Her dialogue for the majority of this season was the most engaging between the three. I will give them credit that somehow it is the old god who somehow has a stronger foot on reality to say what is right and at the right time.

What possibly was the only saving grace for this issue was the artwork from Geraldo Borges and Michelle Madsen. The appeal was in the grit of this situation between the monster and the chaos it created. Normally when you think of an anomaly through time, something like this isn’t quite what comes to mind, and visually it was creative. It looked monstrous, yet also demonic to an extent just from the way some of the mouths opened up. The action was satisfying for the fact that there was always something going on when they were fighting this thing. The tentacles moving in every direction, things being grabbed, things being cut, and the state of decay looked great. Beyond that it was nice to see the human touch given to Illyria when she speaks to Angel. Any other time before season 11 and she would have been one-dimensional, though here she shows a range of emotions that can only be experienced from evolving her outlook on life.

Because of who I am, I stuck with this to see it to the end. However, Angel Season 11 #12 turned out to be lackluster for what you expect from a story coming out of the Buffyverse. With season 11 you looked forward to that next big thing after Magic Town, and an adventure through time that ultimately neglected itself in the end wasn’t entirely worth the wait. It was a risky move to fall on time travel and it did no pay off. This all started with Angel tormented by memories of his past which linked to a big bad coming in the future. Though what was the big bad exactly? What was there memorable about what Angel did to stop this big bad?

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