Comic Book Review: Angel Season 11 #6


Running into Angelus and Darla is certainly the worst situation you could find yourself in if you’re you from the present. I don’t know how people really feel about the time-traveling through time, but it has been satisfying so far where these characters are being thrown outside of their comfort zone to solve a problem they don’t even fully understand. Plenty of winging it and you tend to get the best result from that.

Especially for what goes on right now as Angel and Fred face off against Angelus and Darla. Two vampires who are pretty drunk on power at this point in their lives. I like that the danger isn’t just in running into these monsters. The danger is also in what ways they can mess with history by stepping on butterflies. That was exactly what was to happen the minute they got stuck on this boat and the execution of those moments were solid. On one hand you have the fear of how this whole plan crumbled so fast, and on the other hand you have the frustration of running into people who know you and you don’t know them. Despite the fact that this isn’t a point in time known to us, I’m glad thy went down the route where Angel and Fred are carving out their own path. It keeps things unpredictable and everyone on edge. Particularly when there is also the inevitable pirate invasion of the ship.

For this issue we luckily also figured out just what is so important about this beetle they recovered. This beetle turns out to be something not just stranger than what was initially assumed, but dangerous. How it was dangerous I believe to be crucial and it made sense in the context of what Angel and Fred are trying to do for the fate of the future. It had clear ties to future events based on just appearance, yet it was what this beetle does that catches you off guard. Changes up the game just like that and making an already tricky situation that much trickier.

Pacing for this stage of the plot picked up dramatically and that helped the appeal of this chapter. If things were as steady as they were before they ran into Angelus and Darla, this could have easily been dull. All it took was a flick of the switch for all hell to break loose and it turned into anything goes fast.

The art team saw some big improvements this time around. There was nothing too off about the previous issue, though you could see where there was change in focus between the characters and settings. Again a change of setting does wonders for the right artist as Ze Carlos adds a little more liveliness to this story. This chapter is where things get crazy and both Ze Carlos and Michelle Madsen give to this story what it needs visually between vampire action and something else out of the ordinary that comes our way. It wasn’t the fight between Angel/Fred and Angelus/Darla that grabbed my attention rather than the way these characters reacted to each other. That is what sold you in the moment because this is an encounter that should never happen for more reasons than one. The reaction shots were expressive and didn’t take up any unnecessary space. As for the mystery of the beetle, that was the highlight of this issue visually for the fact that there was something worse than pirates or vampires to worry about. The way this thing attacked made you cringe as much as Fred.

With Angel Season 11 #6, Angel has to escape Angelus, keep Fred safe, and figure out what to do with the jewel-like beetle. That is a lot going on and a lot to handle all at once, but for all this going on in a short amount of time it was exciting. I’ve had my skepticism about this story and the risks taken, though each issue they are proving that it is all about the steps you take to think outside the box in approach.

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