Comic Book Review: Avengers #677


I’m not going to lie. When they initially announced Avengers: No Surrender, I wasn’t all too thrilled about this next big thing. For some Marvel fans, its hard not to feel let down by recent events and how uninspired they have felt. Big, overly complicated, overstuffed with heroes, and requiring too much catching up in other books. However, it seems like No Surrender aims to break the mold. They surprisingly did this from the minute the situation was revealed to be that Earth was actually stolen. That is as disastrous as it gets when before you can figure out who did this, you have to save the Earth from destroying itself over such a drastic change in setting. That is how you raise the stakes.

It also helped that the cast of heroes for this story has been cut. I enjoyed the effort put into using characters from the A-list, B-List, reserves and a few you thought long gone. With that said, it was interesting to see how all of these heroes interacted. Not everyone here finds themselves on the same page here, and that is mostly due to most being a part of different teams. That wasn’t too surprising, though it was the urgency from everyone trying to form a singular plan that holds more value. I don’t know how I feel about Rogue and Citizen V as leaders yet, but to see Falcon still holding that voice in the crowd was a good touch. Getting this chance to get to know Voyager was a big draw in for No Surrender too. If you aren’t a fan of the classics, then this is a character that many wouldn’t know existed till now. The trip down memory lane was welcoming to build a connection between her and other notable heroes, and its cool to see a hero of her caliber have such a unique powerset compared to most that would be considered heavy hitters.

Now seeing that Quicksilver would be a main focus of this issue was a realization that felt troublesome at first. He’s not exactly a character you would care for so easily. Not when everything about him puts you off, as it does with everyone else who he is butting heads with to respond to The Black Order in kind. How he was handled in the moment was a good save before he began to sour things through his perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I love different perspectives with stories like this. Quicksilver just unfortunately is a tough sell.

Adding the reveal that the Earth is being used as a battleground was a great twist. One would think that this is another situation where someone out there has the grand idea to conquer Earth again or destroy it. But to use it? And as a battleground for two warring groups to confront each other? That was a bold development with excellent pay-off. Especially when the heroes not only have to save the Earth from destroying itself under new atmospheric conditions, they have to fight against a threat that simply sees them as obstacles. Definitely not the way you would have expected a return from The Black Order to go. The only question that remains is who the two are who lead both The Black Order and The Lethal Legion. We get a look at who these two significant players are, but the mystery still remains. Not a bad thing of course when not everything you would expect to be hand-fed at once. Till then this is a chapter in No Surrender where the action speaks for itself since their war is catching innocent bystanders in the crossfire.

The artwork for this story has been a big selling point. I always say that the quality of work that goes into the art should say a lot about the level of your investment, if there is any. Pepe Larraz and David Curiel fortunately meet expectations for a story of this magnitude. First off, this is a large cast of characters as a whole. Some artists that you put on a book like this may struggle to handle drawing so much without sacrificing some quality along the way. Luckily that is not the case for Larraz and Curiel. They get down to the smallest details with some of these characters whether it is cosmetic designs or making sure that these costumes look like real material rather than a think layer over their skin. The next thing that you take notice of is the effort that goes into fully rendering the settings of this issue, and we are taken to numerous places. Whether it is the structures, atmosphere, or environment, all of it was a complete image that better engages us visually from panel to panel. I was very impressed with the color work because we are dealing a number of powered up heroes and villains. To show the intensity of situations like this, you would normally go bold and vibrant with the colors. Curiel did a great job in doing this while also avoided the habit of blocking out the art for the sake of getting every blast and explosion in the frame.

Through the unfolding events of Avengers #677, this was yet another satisfying chapter to No Surrender. We may not see the full picture just yet, but we know enough to understand exactly what is at stake here. Well maybe all that is needed to know is at stake when two warring groups decide Earth should be a playground for their battles against one another. Nonetheless, next week holds interest for these heroes racing against time to find out who is behind this madness.

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