Comic Book Review: Avengers #682


Marvel is doing something right because this is the first time in a good while that I have been this invested in a big story event. This is exactly why we needed fresh blood on these stories like Ewing and Zub. You know that writers like these two can go big, and make sure not to lose you along the way. Where others would ultimately fail is that they think we want something complex, and that is almost never the case. The story should always be easy to understand and without the grand scheme. The Avengers know now that this is a game, they aren’t happy, and now they are going to do something about it.

I must say that when it comes to new players from Earth, the last you would expect is definitely Hawkeye and Red Wolf. Particularly if you are thinking heavy hitters. From the look of the cover you pretty much knew that this was going to be an issue focused on the both of them. It was more Red Wolf who grabs your attention because he does not approach taking action like the rest of the heroes. He spends most of his time assessing the fight. A decision that you would either like or hate considering if he is able to engage you through his perspective of what the Avengers are doing versus the Lethal Legion. Fortunately he did because he was able to deduce the one thing that no other was able to. The game favors those who see past what is seen on the surface, and Red Wolf was a great first step towards that realization. If you didn’t know the kind of character Red Wolf is, then the few flashbacks did manage to draw a good picture as well for those unaware of his history.

At this stage of the fight, the tension can be felt from the Avengers who are taking about all they can from this game. Mostly the Antarctica team. Learning that this is a game changed the situation big time for many who would not be amused by this reason for the chaos or loss.

Beast and Wasp trying to save Jarvis has been fascinating, but I do have to say that I wish this was something that didn’t have to distract from everything else going on. If you’re someone who hasn’t been reading too many Avengers books as of late, then it would be hard to feel anything for Jarvis who you would have barely seen too much of these days. He’s important to the Avengers, though at the end of the day you have to ask how important he is to the readers for this to continue the way it has. With that said, someone at least answering what happens when Avengers of off-world and return with foreign “friends” has been welcoming.

The teasing of the Hulk’s return is the only thing that has been killing me. There’s too many questions surrounding what has been going on there. Where has he been? Who’s side is he on? The list can go on, but one thing we know for sure is that the whole damn game is going to get flipped on its head. Which itself should be worth the anticipation.

A new artist in Sean Izaakse takes the wheel for this issue, and I found myself stunned by his work. In general I have been impressed by the line-up of artists for Avengers: No Surrender, so it is good that they could continue this and do so with a new artist as well. His pencils are a bit more rough, though all the same thin enough to get the same amount of detail out of these characters and settings. Izaakse is another great artist for his ability to handle a lot going on at the same time. Especially when it came to the Avengers New Mexico versus the Lethal Legion. Many things were happening, and particularly some creative combinations from these Avengers. I think fights like these are always more appealing when the artist tries to show that they are a team rather than a bunch of individual heroes working together and doing their own thing. Taking this from the perspective of Red Wolf was interesting for the way he was consistently positioned in the fight. Never too far, but right there assessing. Artistically speaking, it was his flashback scenes that stood out more since there was a distinguishing style used to separate what happened in his past versus the present. Great use of pale colors and rougher texture for the period of time. That aside, David Curiel has been an exceptional colorist when no matter the change of artists he makes you have to look hard to see the differences. Keeping his approach the same through bold and vibrant colors creates a sense of consistency that only helps in the long run.

One Avenger would gamble everything to save thousands, and it was one heck of a gamble from the unlikeliest hero. Avengers #682 continues to prove that you can have a big action story like No Surrender and still find genuine balance through character development and exploration. Last week it was refreshing to further our understanding of Voyager, and the feeling was no different when Red Wolf and Hawkeye jump into the fray.

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