Comic Book Review: Avengers #683


***Spoiler Warning***

Last week was one of the stronger issues of this Avengers weekly epic. It was a good statement to make that even with all this action, there are moments when you can really get into what makes a hero during these dire times. For anyone it could have been easy to roll your eyes at the involvement of Red Wolf and Hawkeye, but they wasted no time showing that everyone has their role to play in saving the Earth from this mad game.

When questioning the lack of empathy that went into this game, there was no question of this when it came to the next pyramoid activated in the hospital. A hospital of all places? That’s just cold if you ask me, particularly when this new challenge has released wraiths upon people who really aren’t able to defend themselves. The only thing that made this a convenient encounter is the fact that now Beast and Wasp have been thrown into the action. I was moved by what came of this development because one of these two had to rise to the occasion. The strongest part of this story so far has been those moments where the Avengers have been nothing but selfless in the face of sacrificing themselves for the greater good. When you see that Beast is the one who has to save Jarvis, you can already piece together who we’re talking about here.

Now this fight could have been pretty straightforward, though I enjoyed the twist added this time around. There had to be a reason that this hospital and moment was chosen when there was already players on the scene, and they nailed the reveal through the reaction to the changing of the rules. The unknown element of the rules has been used wisely so far when that is what keeps everyone on their toes. Especially when it came to the most hard-hitting twist to shake up this game. Since the start of Avengers: No Surrender, we’ve all been led to believe one thing. To believe in one person who has saved the day time and time again, and because of that you would have never believed otherwise that things were not as they seemed. Flipping the tables at a moment like this came with perfect execution as we readers are as caught off guard as everyone else. I mean we were all expecting the Hulk to be the guy to throw us back into chaos, though this person was not someone to anticipate. Again the unknown makes a big difference in a story like this.

More elements of the game begin to take effect here and it is through these small developments that the rules become clearer with each passing issue. The name of the game may have been trial and error for the Avengers, but have the fun is in getting to that point of understanding they are at now.

As usual the artwork was pretty stunning. Normally what would stand out is the environmental effects from the pyramoids, though this time around it was the supernatural element that took the form of the wraiths. They looked terrifying, there was a good use of transparency on them, and the choice of purple used for them was unique. It also helped that they each looked different from the other. There are some times when you want to avoid using uniformity. That said, the actions between Beast and Wasp were surprisingly very fluent. Especially Beast who lived up to the name being the Agile Avenger. His movements really flowed from one action into the next. Where the art team gets creative most was the voyage through Jarvis’ memories. I like when you have a character like him and they give his memories that classic comics look. It made a big different to take on that style and make the statement visually that he is an Avengers who has been around since the start. It was also at this point where we could truly appreciate the use of highlights, light sources, and shadows from the inks. A strong combination of those three really made the art pop.

Expect the unexpected. I think that sums up No Surrender in a nutshell so far. There’s something to love about an Avengers story where you just can’t predict how this will end. Avengers #683 was full of shock, yet at the same time it was filled with the heart that reminds us that this is a superhero story at the core.

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