Comic Book Review: Avengers #684


Its crunch time for the Avengers when not only did it take time for them to figure out the game that they have been dragged into, but they also find themselves unprepared for two big twists that you may not have seen coming. Well maybe one more than the other because they have teased it for the past three or four issues. Regardless, this issue is the one we have all been awaiting when the Immortal Hulk is now unleashed onto the playing field, and have mercy on who challenges him.

This issue addressed two big twists for this game, and the first one I want to get into is the one involving this player who is not actually Voyager. I’m not going to lie there, I feel as though they got me with her introduction. So much hype building up to this original Avenger and the only people who could actually challenge that are the older readers who picked up those early issues. Otherwise this was just another development where no one could have known and it still would have been hard to argue since her existence was erased from everyone’s minds. With that said, the reveal of who she really was created a lot of understanding in who we are dealing with playing this game in the background. If there was any though that these two who started the game could be decent, that was thrown out the window pretty quickly. Now what was more important than this was the wildcard role this person took on. She didn’t just take the pyramoid, she transported it and likely is the only player who can do that.

The Immortal Hulk unleashed was a big thing once he sprung into action, though it was the story that took  some warming up to. How they told the story of Bruce Banner struggling to be left alone was refreshing for the perspective, but that didn’t change the fact that again we were getting his lifestory. Not to mention there were some things about his return that didn’t quite come with clarity, though this cane be overlooked since they were nice enough to add a timetable of events at the end of the issue.

That aside, this Immortal Hulk in action was pretty terrifying. The Black Order are a chilling bunch when they start going for the kill, but that was nothing compared to the fear this Hulk created when he started swinging. His first attack set the tone and he was not pulling punches. You ever wonder what happens if the Hulk were under the control of someone who had little care for restraint, and this is exactly the product. Of course the Hulk didn’t really run into the heavy hitters, but he still ran into some people who you would have expected to give him some sort of fight. Seeing the Hulk walk through them was almost nostalgic to WWH who was almost the immovable object.

The art team for this issue was packed. It made sense that there would be more hands on deck considering the flashback, though nonetheless this was more than we are used to having a hand in the interior artwork. Before picking up this issue, they had me a bit worried because I saw one name thinking that was the only artist, and that artist had a tendency of being hit or miss. With that said, the quality of work was more or less the same, if not stronger with the additional aid of inkers. The Hulk’s story was interesting for the unique layout of events. That gamma radiated door rising was a smart way of creating suspense knowing that that wasn’t a door to a world beyond. How the Immortal Hulk fought was the highlight of this issue since he was not holding back. This was simply attack and response which is worse than any fit of rage he normally goes through. His first victim was cringeworthy since this was not someone you hit with the force of a Hulk. It helped immensely that h consistently carried that blank expression a if no one was home upstairs. When it came to the flashbacks, I do enjoy that they haven’t failed to create nostalgia through using a style closer to what the heroes looked like during their classic days.

Bruce Banner is not home, and neither was Voyager ever. Just when things were looking up for the Avengers, the game gets flipped right on its head through two agents of chaos. With the events of Avengers #684, the dial has been cranked to 11 when the Avengers really need to start asking themselves how badly they want to win this game or save the world, because someone may not walk away from this in one piece.

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