Comic Book Review: Avengers #687


The end of one terror would only bring the start of another through the events of Avengers #686. It is a great feeling to say that this is not one of those times where you can see the finish line before you get there. This story, plot, and the events of Avengers: No Surrender so far prove that with the right hands on deck you can still dig into that well of creativity for something we haven’t seen yet. Especially when the rules are now thrown out the window.

Transitioning into this next chapter was another important phase for who we know as Voyager. The Avengers finally confronting this traitor in their midst was big because everyone has their own response to this betrayal. She inserted herself into some deep memories for these heroes. Years upon years for some in contrast to the others. The perspective they took on her was perfect because they needed someone who was truly affected by her, an original and founding member. It made a big difference to see how the perception changed once clarity was given to the whole team. Some got the picture a bit earlier, though there were still some important details left out to further light a fire in these Avengers left standing after the assault from Hulk/Banner.

Speaking of the Hulk, how Banner moved forward from his assault on the Avengers was a somber moment for the guy. It was a hard reflection they created for him given this moment to take in the pain he caused through his death, the pain he caused by letting the Hulk running wild, and the frustration in knowing that his story is still far from over knowing that even in death they won’t let him be. You know, one would think that with the death of someone like Banner, they would remove the body to make sure he stayed dead? I mean the concept of life and death is pretty lost to superheroes. Who gave Banner company during this time was interesting as this was the perfect person to get through to him. The doctor is stubborn, and sometimes that means you have to throw someone at him who is just as stubborn not to allow him to get in his own head.

It wasn’t just Banner who needed a talking to after that disaster, and honestly I love the voice they have given to some heroes who you wouldn’t think to have stood out as much as they did. Through out this event so far the roster has been taken advantage of in every way, and that is how you know a story is well-thought out.

Some may have been looking forward to this issue taking us into the final showdown of this game, but the fact that that didn’t happen is again another reason why I admire the story of Avengers: No Surrender. This became much more than the action when the characters mattered from start to finish. Some rose to the occasion, found what it means to really be a hero when the world is in peril, and proved that there really is a bond to being an Avenger. This creative team have done brilliantly striking a balance between substance and style.

The artwork this issue was nothing too much that we haven’t seen from issues before, but the quality was still excellent. It was crucial during the key character moments for them to sell us on an emotional level. When there isn’t action to hold our attention, you want the heroes to be able to be able to be a point of interest visually. Again it did stand out for the style to change up when it came to moment of the past. I still enjoy that classic theme they gave the flashback images to added emphasis to the way Voyager embedded herself into their memory and history.

Avengers #687 was another great issue where the character writing stood out more than anything else. An event story never has to be one big action to the next. The story is worthwhile when every action has a response and reaction such as what these heroes and Voyager did. Having a moment to sort trough your feelings never hurts in the longrun.

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