Comic Book Review: Barb Wire #8


Barb Wire #8Last issue the pieces finally started to come together when Barb Wire was given no choice but to finish her story for these sketchy federal agents. A story which made sense of a number of accomplishments Barb Wire has had over the years, and a significant triumph she had recently. But more importantly we have come to understand just why these agents are after Avram Roman with what state we have found him in.

Barb Wire #8 picks up exactly where the previous issue left us as Barb Wire and Roman find themselves cornered in his hideout by the agents who followed her to him. Though things are clearly not as they seem since there seems to be a bigger play in motion when Barb Wire argues for them to escape. This is to be expected though since there has always been something about Roman which is uncertain. Like he is always thinking steps ahead. Now the reason why is a bit obvious, though being who he is there is still a cloud of vagueness to the things he says. The suspense is built up from the first page and they play on that nicely as she fears what comes next for them. Fear and frustration for her since is becomes apparent that she has been moved around like a chess piece for quite some time in order to create this scene.

When things finally hit the fan, that is where Roman shows why he is just as dangerous as they say. It’s not really just for his brain. If Barb Wire’s flashback proved anything, he is just as capable physically as well. The conflict which breaks loose also shows just how capable Barb Wire is at thinking on her feet as well. Some might call it luck at this point, but she knows how to make the best out of a good opportunity.

The fun in this issue is in seeing what happens when Holden doesn’t get his way. This is a guy who has all the resources not to be messed with and both Barb Wire and Roman raised hell for him and his agents. Reactions are everything in a moment like this and this whole arc was worth it for this moment.

As far as action goes, this was a standout issue for the story arc. The most exciting thing about this growing world Dark Horse is creating is all those who are less than human. The extraordinary is what catches your attention and this arc delivered that in the form of Avram Roman. Seeing what he turned himself into and what he can do with this new body was a treat. What was also a treat was all the mood swings Barb Wire is sent through as she deals with all these things she didn’t have control of. When she did have the time to make a move of her own it was typical of her, but fun because that’s the kind of badass move she will make at the last-minute.

This issue was a fast read, but Barb Wire #8 did not disappoint as a conclusion to this story arc. Another end to another storyline which I would recommend new readers jump in if they can.

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Another end to another storyline which I would recommend new readers jump in if they can.

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