Comic Book Review: Batman Superman #28


BATMAN_SUPERMAN_28Superman and Batman haven’t had the best relationship as of late. In between fighting each other on the big screen, Superman dealing with his own challenges and Bruce Wayne not being under the cowl, there hasn’t been nearly enough time for any classic feeling team-ups. That seemingly all changes with “Batman Superman” #28, Tom Taylor’s first issue writing the series. “Batman Superman” #28 doesn’t reinvent the relationship between these two characters but it is an admirable start to what could be a very memorable run on this series.

A spacewalk on a space station right above Earth is going well until the alarms go off. Something is out there and leaves Commander Randall in a tough spot until Superman saves her life. Superman discovers what it was and teams up with Batman to investigate further. This leads the two of them to a possibly huge secret that will undoubtedly effect the two of them going forward.

This is the first issue of “Batman Superman” I’ve read in maybe a year. As much as I like the creators that came before, something about the story just wasn’t clicking. What I like so much about this is what has been missing from the series. Batman and Superman are allies and everything feels very much like the way it used to be. It’s important to try new things and push yourself as a creator but as of late, this relationship hasn’t felt right and it’s lost a lot of what made it work. Tom Taylor doesn’t have that problem. Superman and Batman have a classic approach to this problem. “Batman Superman” #28 is a more conventional approach to the two of them, using their strengths and weaknesses to compliment each other and solve a problem. There’s even a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. It’s a very straight forward story that works in it’s favor but it is a little confusing to pinpoint when this takes place in the DC universe. I’m not entirely sure if this takes place around the same time “Justice League” takes place or if this is jumping forward a bit after the events of the upcoming “Batman” #50. This is a little distracting but not the fault of the creative team.

Robson Rocha’s art has the perfect style for a superhero story like this. The poses are exaggerated just enough to keep the two of them from looking too godlike and the action scenes are clean and fluid. Some of the faces are a little inconsistent across the board but it’s not something that takes you out of the story completely. There’s a great, epic scale to some of the pages out in space and I especially appreciate how heroic his Superman feels. There are three different inkers on this book but at no point does the book feel disjointed. The styles don’t clash with each other in a distracting way. Blond’s colors aren’t as bright as I’d like them to be but it doesn’t bring the story down. Taylor’s script has some humor but it isn’t a comedy so Blond’s colors do convey the right tone.

“Batman Superman” #28 is not something I’ve never read before but this is what I needed. This is a classic feeling team-up in which no one asks whether or not the other one bleeds.

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Batman Superman #28 is a much needed return to the status quo.

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