Comic Book Review: Birthright #23


It is hard to argue that the past few issues of Birthright have been enlightening. With everyone having something to gain and lose it is an important time that all are trying to find a way to get on the same page about what needs to be done for the sake of their worlds or loved ones. This issue feels like the one where the time for talking may have passed for some. Always a point to look forward to because it is that sense of urgency which pulls most into a call to action

Now if there was one thing we were promised about Birthright around this time, it was that there would be a stronger focus on Wendy and Rya’s role in this story. Through their side of things we have learned a great many things that could only be known through inquiry instead of fighting. Better yet we are reaching the birth of Rya’s child impending and it is anyone’s guess as to what happens when the moment of labor comes. She could live by some miracle, she could die, anything could happen and it leaves you anxious knowing you can’t expect the best outcome. Though the outcome for this issue in particular was heartwarming. A scene that I’m sure a lot of us awaited since almost day one, though painful because there’s still so much that could go right or wrong given what is still ongoing, and we’ll have to wait another month for more.

Birthright #23 continues to be a revealing point for Mastema who now feels more relevant to the plot than she had before we knew she was Lore’s daughter. What happens with Mastema this issue is just as I pointed out above, this is a time where everyone is desperately trying to get on the same page about what has to be done. But all the anger, frustrations, and tension make this easier said than done. Especially when dealing with someone corrupt like Mikey, and someone who is way too hot-headed like Kylen. The conflict that breeds from their actions was inevitable yet well executed at a time where only they could be their own undoing. The time for talking does surely pass for better or for worse and it’s getting us somewhere big.

It’s the things new which make the artwork for Birthright so engaging. The visuals this art team is capable of creating that makes this story so fantastic. I know I have a weak spot for magic, but both Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas are taking every opportunity to show why these Mages are so formidable. Mastema for one catches you off guard with every big spell she casts. Some of them traditional, others divine, and the rest simply mind-bending and quite literally speaking. Two Mages engaging in a fight as well is all you could ask for. I believe Lucas is the one who thrives in this area because that is where the beautiful saturation and mixing of his colors make all the difference in what could easily just be blobs of colors flung at one another. He gets technical with the effects he is able to bring to life on through these pages as well. Overall they did very well in capturing a big turning point in the story that couldn’t have come without escalation.

Birthright #23 you would have thought was simply about Rya’s escape or her pregnancy, but there was so much to take in that happened in such a short amount of time. We got character development, exciting action, tugging at some emotional strings, overall this issue of Birthright sits right as the full package.

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