Comic Book Review: Birthright #24


It has almost felt like forever since the last issue of Birthright. A whole month without this book was killer when we ended with Mikey and Rya finally reuniting. I had to go back and reread that issue just to allow the moment to sink in again. Right now we are at a critical stage in the story where it feels like victory or loss is right at the tip of these characters who have so much to lose personally and for the worlds they aim to protect.

This here was the moment I was waiting for such a long time since Rya made her way to Earth pregnant. I’m sure it wasn’t just me who felt tortured that it took this long for these two to be able to find each other. The obstacles they have been through, the fights, all leading to this reunion. But while this was a touching moment, the happiness isn’t quite what we were anticipating. What has our attention are the words Rya would have with Mikey for his decisions up to this point. You can’t deny the heartbreak, abandonment, and fear she must have been experiencing with the clock running against her on Earth. So the tension we quickly snapped to came naturally. The quick execution in the things she needed to say in that moment was perfect. There was no exaggeration that the love story between Mikey and Rya hits a major turning point.

It only drove me crazy that for an issue so heavily focused on Mikey explaining himself, by the end of the issue it was still hard to say hero or villain. This is a line they haven’t quite drawn and you can only assumed based on what you know currently. So while it may drive me crazy, it does also keep you drawn in to the moment of reveal.

If you were looking for a revealing issue for the plot, this was it right here. I was thoroughly impressed by how much was explored and given depth in a short amount of time. Birthright #24 wasn’t just about the love story, it was also about everyone getting an understanding as to where they should stand on this situation. If there was anything to cringe about, it was those who couldn’t form opinions based on facts rather than emotions. This was everyone’s time to see the truth for themselves for better or for worse.

Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas like to push boundaries for where this story takes us visually, and I’m confident enough to say that this issue is some of their best work yet. The action was right in your face, the expressions told a story of their own, and more than anything else the artwork captured where these characters stand emotionally. There were no punches pulled especially when it came to wrapping up the Mage’s fight. There was one scene here where I felt a chill unlike any I have ever felt before aside from a scene in another favorite book of mine. You prepare yourself for some spectacular or terrifying sights when this story takes us into the thick of Terrenos, though what we witness here tops it. I couldn’t help but double take and question if I had suddenly started reading a horror book. Knowing they could generate that kind of fear was commendable. As usual Lucas did what he does best breathing life into the art. I can say a lot of things, though what mattered most was the attention he put into setting the mood at such a point in the story. Whether it was the darkness of a crumbling castle, or the unconventional selection that comes with the dealing of flesh and rot, Lucas gave us a lot to take in.

Just when you had some idea of where this story was heading, it only took one move to flip this right on its head. Birthright #24 opens the flood gates to new problems, and all will be forced to confront what they believe about what they’re fighting for. This could come next month, or the month after, but very interested in how this all leads into the #25 anniversary issue.

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