Comic Book Review: Birthright #26


I’m not going to lie, it has felt like forever since the last issue of Birthright. These breaks can be a killer wait, though you understand why these need to happen for a book to keep putting out the same quality each month. Color me shocked by the note this creative team left us on. One hell of a way to shake things up when Mikey’s family finally draws the line in their support for his actions, only to also lose Brennan to Lore’s forces at the same time.

After the events that unfolded, they chose an interesting way for us to jump back into this story and world. With every action going on in the present, there is a story to tell of the past. I’ve come to enjoy every trip to the past and what answers they have to offer us. This time around we get a stronger perspective of what happened leading up to Mikey’s fateful encounter with the God King Lore. For the most part things happened as you thought they would considering the impatience of Mikey at this point to see an end to both Lore and this war. It’s the reluctance to reveal what actually happened which grabs your attention most. I do hope that the suspense in getting answers about that moment are worth the wait.

Where this takes the Rhodes family next was great for the engagement between them that has built up since they all gathered together. Minus Mikey and Brennan, there was enough to say between the rest of the family that would get you into where their heads are at. Not just when it comes to saving Mikey or Brennan, but the tension in the life they are forced to live now watching over their shoulders. Having majority together in the same room allows for the opportunity to air out the things that need to be said that haven’t been addressed yet or in a while. I definitely want to see what they can accomplish together as the end of this issue made the statement that the exorcism of Mikey Rhodes is going to be easier said than done. It absolutely is the path to exploration that you want to see from them where there is much to discover about Earth that won’t make you rely on Terrenos alone for elements of fantasy.

This issue was surprisingly a very fast read. Much swifter and to the point than most other issues before. By the time I got to the end of the issue I was wondering how that could already be, as if I had just started it. Not a bad feeling with that said. Birthright #26 is the start of a new story arc and the main goal tends to be to ease readers as I said before back into this story and world. There is no doubt that some readers like myself maybe had to pick up issue #25 to read again and remember what led to this point in time.

That first scene of this issue was certainly the highlight considering how much actually happened visually significant. A trip to Terrenos is always memorable for either the exploration of people, places and things, or the chaos that can break loose depending on the moment we are thrown into. That scene from Mikey’s past was vivid and grand in scope. It was like looking at a scene out of Lord of The Rings if they had a bigger budget, which is saying a lot about the work that they put into what battles look like in this world. Lets not even get into the carnage that someone like Mikey can leave in his path. Not many can capture an action sequence like that without things coming off as a mess. As usual the forces of Lore grab your attention for the detail that goes into what each of them wear and wield. No two people ever look alike and that takes some patience. With that said, they also did very well in creating the effect of a dream sequence on top of that. When it came to the Rhodes family, I was just satisfied with the effort that went into the emotions expressed from them regarding recent events. Especially Wendy who has held herself to a stronger presence whether it is saying what needs to be said, or making sure that everyone was taking things as seriously as she was.

Birthright #26 was a tame welcoming back into this series. As the issue to a new story arc, it was easy to understand the path that this family is now taking to save themselves and the world. Its good to see that the break was worth the wait that we can jump back into Birthright without feeling as though they weren’t putting in the same effort that they usually do.

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