Comic Book Review: Birthright #28


Since the start of this new story arc, fear and suspense have played a big role in this story. It made a big difference to as well come to clarity about this new threat that the Rhodes family now faces. With all things there are consequences, and I do suppose it is about time that they were confronted by those who are now aware that magic on Earth exists.

Jumping back into Mikey’s memories lead to another engaging  tale from his past. This is exactly where we want to be with discovery what happened to Mikey in that sent him down this questionable path. It always had to do more than just losing to Lore, and more than the idea that Mikey simply decided to turn his back on his destiny. It mattered to experience what came next between Mikey and Lore after his defeat, as in the words between the two that would stay his hand. That alone is what grabs you because it had to be one heck of a conversation to convince Mikey that his destiny was wrong. What we get out of Lore this issue actually was one heck of a conversation for the approach he takes to dealing with Mikey. He was without a doubt prepared for the lengths he would have to go in order to keep Mikey from attacking and to understand things from his perspective. I personally love that you can never assume anything about these characters from what you see on the surface.

Now these soldiers, agents or whatever you want to call them are the point of interest for this issue.  This guy leading them was smart. A good plan that left you at the edge of your seat for what could go wrong if he had his  way. How they executed this turning into an escalation of events was pretty cool. You weren’t expecting when that moment would hit, but when it did you knew that the action had finally begun on this train. It was at this point that you really had to hold your breathe because so much could go wrong from here. I’m sure most of us feared for the baby more than anything else, but just about everyone aside from Rya and Samael are practically defenseless against an enemy who is armed.

Despite what happens in these moments, you still want to know who the people are who have it out for the Rhodes family. Their adventure definitely has exposed the world to the existence of magic, though our concern for the most part lies with they themselves being exposed.

There was so much to love about this issue artistically. The art team just can’t help but outdo themselves the deeper we get into this story. With every issue you also look for something creative that sticks out to you. Not every issue will have something so standout, but Birthright #28 was one of them for a number of reasons. First of course was the form that Lore took on this time around. The clothing design and everything about him was so contrasting to the monster who stood before us. It was the perfect visual to make you question the legitimacy of the story he was telling Mikey. The settings as well grab your attention, especially the garden that graces these pages. Once again the plant-life of Terrenos is the most gorgeous creation from this art team and the colors in particular pull it all together. These colors blend together so well, on top of being bold and vibrant. There was a foreign look to it all while holding that form of elegance.The exploration of Mikey’s memories again brought about a different effect. What I liked most from the time before was the wall of Mikey’s memories surrounding Samael as he picked where he needed to go for answers. That was something we have never seen them attempt in the past. The same as this issue when they gave us that film-like effect to show what happens when a spell like this is being interrupted.

Birthright #28 picks up the pace in a big way. The best thing about a story like this is that you do allow them to tell their story. Everything matters when there are so many pieces to this puzzle that you must explore to genuinely feel captivated by this world. Every truth has a lie, and every action has a consequence which all seem to be learning the hard way.

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