Comic Book Review: Birthright #30


Rough time for the Rhodes family when the road to heroism is bathed by sacrifice and loss every step of the way. With that in mind, it wasn’t all too surprising when the best way to help Mikey would come with a heavy price, but that also didn’t change how crushing this revelation was. Magic in my opinion is always more intriguing when that which helps you is never as advertised initially.

Following Mikey through his memories confronting Lore continues to be a tale of tragedy. If not tragedy, then a train wreck moving in slow motion as you are seeing Mikey save himself one manipulation only to jump into the next. That said, this trip down memory lane was educational for all the things about Lore that we needed to understand. This guy is still the villain, but that didn’t mean that there were things he got right about the state of Terrenos and how the present came to be. It gave him room to hype himself up as someone who wants the best for this world, though doing so by questionable means.

The strength of this story was how Mikey’s family was able to spring into action when it came to saving him. As much as this was a time for Mikey to accept the weight of his decisions, it was a time for his parents to prove that they are truly ready to save the son who stands before them. The same as Rya who has come a long way for anything less than success. It stung to see what she was willing to give up to fight for him. The power of family can work for you or against you in this kind of story, but moments like these are memorable.

With the end of this issue there was some strong set-up as well. One would question where you go next after this ordeal, and there are some big developments that you look forward to. The outside world is something to fear, as well as needs that don’t entirely make sense yet.

The artwork for this issue was stunning for the chaos stirred within these pages. There was a perfect balance between what you find sentimental and horrific. Though lets start with the nasty bits. The way Lore has been captured through Mikey’s memories has been creative for the way he is depicted as human, but always having this darkness in him creep up. Whether it was the use of his corruption, a smirk, or the heavy use of reds, they never let you forget that he isn’t someone to be trusted. It also keeps us on edge the way they twist the human body to create this image of the Nevermind, and the way it can harm others. The beauty of course came from the humanity from the rest of this cast of characters. The way they carried themselves in the face of Lore and the Nevermind made a statement about their growth over the course of time. Rya taking action, Wendy having more confidence in the son she is trying to save, and more stood out with the odds stacked against them. the colors really tend to pop when they clash warm colors with cold. I believe that is when they produce the best effects, especially when dealing with fantasy elements.

Birthright #30 is one of those issues from this series that make you fall in love with the story all over again. Every character decision matters, counts, has an impact on us and our need to see them evolve through this journey. The world of fantasy can be dark and full of terrors, but every now and then it can be a beautiful thing from the right perspective.

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