Comic Book Review: Birthright #35


What’s happening right now takes sibling rivalry to the next level. In a world where fantasy and the real world clash, this is what you get when one brother is trying so hard to destroy the other. As I said last month, momentum is key to maintaining the excitement of this story arc. The stakes are real, the drama is heavy, and every action has a consequence that we are now seeing take form.

How the fight escalated from the events of birthright #35 was terrifying. It was one thing when Brennan was simply taking out his frustrations on Mikey and Rya, but he has gone so far as to bring his parents into the mix as well. Parents who by the way are looking after the baby. The stakes couldn’t be higher because you are worrying about everyone Brennan could hurt, and what could happen if they do not save Brennan in time. This part of the battle between Mikey and Brennan I enjoyed the most. All the fighting from the issue before was cool for the various ways that Brennan was able to take advantage of the magic he commanded, but nothing could top the war of words they had. Not because one was trying to cut deeply into the other, but because they were trying to reach each other in their own way. Brennan was coming from a place of hate and frustration, though Mikey was coming from a place of understanding in this way that he hurt his family that he never considered until now. What Mikey was able to pull out of his sleeve at the last minute had great execution when putting an end to this confrontation was going to require some other means.

Speaking of saving Brennan in time. The real question was what they were saving him from. To get to the answer, once again we had to take a trip back to that point in Mikey’s past where he was supposed to learn magic. In general this flashback is nothing to overlook when we are finally coming to understand how the magic of Terrenos works. Particularly for those who are not born with the affinity for magic. When Zoshanna started transforming into a monster, of course everyone wanted to know if she was able to return to who she was before. It was chilling to see what both sides of the story were leading to unfortunate circumstances. Especially for Mikey who knows better than most right now when it comes to the end result if they fail saving Brennan. How things ended for Zoshanna was heartbreaking. Just as much as it was for Mikey who made a choice right then and there that made sense of everything else to follow. This creative team nailed hitting us with a point in time for Mikey that genuinely defined the person he has become currently.

This issue has been the point in the series that the creative team has been waiting for, and in turn, us too. Right where this family finds themselves at the end of Birthright #35 is the best place to be for those who want to see what happens when the Rhodes family is able to stop running from this fight. Destiny is just destiny, and prophecy is just prophecy, until you begin to take matters into your own hands.

Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas did an amazing job this month. Like the month before, it was one heck of a sight to see the kind of monster that Brennan turns into. There was more ferocity to Brennan’s form in contrast to Zoshanna, and there was much more to his body composition that was dis-configured. You think of what comes to mind when you hear the word abomination, and this is exactly what can be produced with the right creative minds. That aside, I loved the distinguishing colors for the different kinds of magic. What fuels magic matters in these worlds. It mattered to see the intensity of those colors pop out during key moments in casting. Particularly the warm and cold colors. That last page was stunning work when seeing how powerful of a presence this family has when they are all on the same page.

Birthright #35 gave us one of the biggest turning points for the series. This series is essentially a series of unfortunate events, but there is no denying how excited you could end up being when that is not the case. What happens when this family is finally together and on the same page? What can they accomplish? What lengths will they go to hold on to what they have now? Through the events of this issue, these questions will hold our anxiousness for more till the next month.

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