Comic Book Review: Black Magick #9


The life of a witch is anything but simple. Especially if you’re Rowan Black in this case. We’ve explored Rowan’s inner circle between those she calls friends and those she would consider family. We’ve explored Hammer as this threat to her and those like her with a solid build-up in suspense as you await their move. Then you have a lot of other drama stacked on top of all this that is leading to a recipe for disaster.

Transitioning into this next issue, the heat is on Rowan in her life as a detective. It shakes things up to see that the troubles she faces deal with her work rather than being a witch right now. It’s easy to make everything about the witch part of her life, but it takes more work to give her this other line or work that is no walk in the park. Especially when those around her are questioning why she seems to be the center of attention around two big incidents recently. It goes without saying that it adds to the appeal of this story when they also keep from going the police procedural route. Rowan’s interaction with these investigators is some of the more natural developments to come of the series so far. Pretty much what you would expect when you have guys like them drilling you for questions as if everything is suspect till they feel it is not.

As for Alex, you appreciate her involvement for the time she has on her own to figure things out while Rowan is occupied. Alex is less hesitant to use magic and has a better application of it to solve problems. What she discovers was the best step forward to take and further closes that gap between them and the enemy. This could all easily go nowhere anytime soon, but this shows that they have a clear plan in mind for the plot in progress.

It was nice to also get into this dark period for Morgan. For everything written all over his face and actions about the fear for his wife and baby, you want to experience what life is like for Morgan in his own home.

The Hammer with each passing issue continues to make bolder moves. They do keep things interesting on their end even though you are awaiting them making the move that will get the ball rolling with their mission against Rowan and her coven. Till then the suspense may hold your attention since this is our opportunity to see just how prepared these people are to face down witches. What one of them gets themselves into this time was the highlight of this issue for me. That was the kind of interaction that makes a book like this awesome. You didn’t expect the response to snooping or who it came from.

Nicola Scott really hits you with the emotional connection to these characters. The realism to her artworks makes this story so engaging because sometimes it does feel like the art could tell a story of its own. Every emotion expressed through their faces and body language says so much about what everyone is going through. All the frustration, fear, guilt, and more is just written all over them. Certain things she does with these characters make a big difference whether it is the way the make-up runs down someone’s face or how during times of stress a guy will forget to shave. Neither Rowan or Morgan have a hold of where life is taking them right now and that can be hard to cope with. Especially for Rowan who is realizing that indirectly she is the cause of so much pain. Now there were moments here I also liked because of the way Scott approaches the use of magic. Again the only times when you will see actual colors used. It was for the dialogue box this time where they grabbed your eyes most. The right shade of green that isn’t too strong or apparent.

Black Magick #9 takes big steps forward towards something bigger approaching. Through ‘Awakenings II’ part three, the enemy has been revealed, and an enemy has been confronted. That was more than enough takeaway for one issue, with the very end of the issue building up anticipation for the next. Does curiosity kill the cat, or the intruder?

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