Comic Book Review: Bloodshot Reborn #18


bloodshot-reborn-18Knowing the plot to Bloodshot USA and what that story is about, you kind of had an idea as to the way things would end. But like all stories such as this you look to the contents of it which matters the most. We know that Deathmate is Kay, we know Magic is still alive and in danger with Agent Festival now in the same position, and now we know Project Rising Spirit’s big plan for rising to the top once again. The only question left is what bridges the end of Bloodshot Island to Bloodshot USA.

Bloodshot Reborn #18 got into much of what we have needed to see from this story arc since the start. What happens when survival comes without a shared threat? After the events of Bloodshot Reborn #17 they now find themselves marooned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no defenses except the relentless will to survive. If any who read my first review for Bloodshot Island recall, there was a curiosity about what would and could have happened when these Bloodshots met. They are all Bloodshot at the core which means they are violent, they aren’t trusting, and all they know is moving on from one fight to the next. So being stuck together on this boat thousands of miles from land? The anticipation is of course what the real trouble is be it the shark-infested waters or themselves.

Now what this epilogue opened us up to was learning more about some of these Bloodshots. The only thing we were ever missing from the introductions to this group of survivors was a reason to really care about them. They’re old and somewhat broken, so what better way to connect to them than to understand their story? Their whole story. Well all but one, though for the few panels we saw that might be for the best. Each of them had a story worth understanding. The reason they were turned into these weapons, the reason they think they were, and just their attitudes about what they are after what they have been through up to this point. You can say that nothing happened in this issue, but a lot did. This proved to us that everything matters here. A big part of Bloodshot Island was addressing what happens to used up models. You can’t say those words without exploring what it means to those who are actually those used up models. When all is said and done, you have to be able to dive into the mindset of these soldiers who have been on the run and killed over and over just to train their better. That is what this epilogue prioritized for the better of whatever comes next.

Having Tomas Giorello on art also proved that no matter the change, quality still comes first. That is what we got out of the art team of Giorello, Andrew Dalhouse and Diego Rodriguez. Off the bat what grabs your attention is the appeal of seeing these guys in a different light. On the island everything looked dark, and mainly because there were trees as far as the eye can see. And with the gun fire, shadows and all it again looked like something out of an action flick. So this change in setting allowed you to be able to see them for who they are. Especially how they are when they are not working together to survive a stronger killing machine. For example you would expect there to be at least one of them confrontational about the situation they are in and how that affected everyone else was the kind of tension you expected they could have with each other. Again they are Bloodshots, so it was nice to see some of them acting like who they are at the core. Even more so when taking a trip through their past before Project Rising Spirit decided to upgrade from them. Andrew Dalhouse and Diego Rodriguez did great on colors because the natural settings really popped. They never have to be vibrant, but they just need to feel like something you could really see in real life. The warmth of the sky, variations of blues that come with the ocean, and much more.

Bloodshot Reborn #18 brings another chapter to an end while setting us up for what comes next. After what they have done with these characters here, I’m sure a lot of us want to see what the Valiant Universe has in store for them when they jump into their next war. That is hoping they all make the journey back to land.

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